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    Jan 31, 2005

    Looks and sounds very interesting?

    RecoverPC consists of a tiny PCI card that looks like a mutated DIMM. Once fitted, RecoverPC requisitions a number of hard disk sectors for its own use almost as soon as the PC is switched on. It uses anything between 100MB to 4GB worth, depending on the capacity of the drive. The sectors are marked as 'unavailable', which means they're strictly off limits to all applications, partitioning tools and low-level formatting utilities; hard disk controllers use the same technique to prevent sectors of a hard disk with physical defects being used.

    RecoverPC uses these sectors to store a baseline - a snapshot of the current logical state of the drive - as well as any further changes to the drive's contents.

    Armed with this information, RecoverPC uses it to restore a PC back to the working baseline state when a problem occurs. The difference between it and Windows System Restore is that the PC doesn't need a working Windows installation for the recovery to happen. RecoverPC has its own BIOS that pops up the recovery options before it looks for an operating system to boot.

    rue to Involution's word, the restore process is near instant, regardless of its scale. We deleted our test PC's primary NTFS partition and created a new FAT32 one in its place, and RecoverPC undid the damage in a couple of seconds.
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