Disk Director Server - Increase free space does NOT work

Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by joker197cinque, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. joker197cinque

    joker197cinque Registered Member

    Jun 25, 2009
    Win 2003 server SP2 Std. edition.
    Acronis Disk Director Server

    The server has C: 12GB and D: 530GB; I have to increase free space taking space from D:

    It sounds simple.

    1) Wizards --> increase free space
    2) select C: partition to "increase the free space on", click next
    3) select d: partition to "take the space from", clicik next
    4) specify C: new partition: 50GB, click next and finish
    5) Commit
    6) reboot
    7) wait Acronis finish its work: it says all ok 100%
    8 ) reboot again and go into win 2003.
    9) ........ I log on and I can see exactly the same space of before :-(

    It simply does NOT the work, even if the process is marked as correct, during the pre-boot resizing.

    What is going on here ?

  2. MudCrab

    MudCrab Imaging Specialist

    Nov 3, 2006
    Have you checked that there are no errors on either partition (chkdsk /f)?

    Have you tried doing the procedure when booted to the DD CD?

    I would also recommend that you do the steps manually: Resize D: smaller, apply the change. Resize C: larger, apply the change.
Thread Status:
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