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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Roger Macon, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. Roger Macon

    Roger Macon Registered Member

    Feb 5, 2006
    I am now in desperate need of recovery.

    My operating system is XPpro with SerPac 2. The system bogged down so I decided a re-boot wouod be good. Various things took place but for starters I got the "Windows is loading screen..." but never got the white box (normally comes up very quickly) where I could type my password and go on. Tried various things, some worse things appeared, but found ways to get back to the sing in screen but never got the box.

    The Rescue Disk, of which I made 2 copies of when I installed TI v9.0-Build 3677, I thought would be the solution. I have re-read the manual but do not find any 1,2,3 steps so I assumed that just booting with it in place would give me a menu to work from but I am not seeing anything. I must be missing something. I tried to boot with and without my removeable Kangaru hard drive in place, all backups go to the dedicated Kangaru hard drive. I have a full system backup from yesterday and a full system backup from the day before but neither one is giving me anything to work from, I assume, because I cannot get the rescue disk to perfor. Any suggestions will be very helpfull.

    I am now in desperate need of recovery.

  2. dbknox

    dbknox Registered Member

    Jun 7, 2006
    I went as far as build 3677 as it worked fine for me and I know lots of others users stoped at that build, so updating to the next build is not the problem.
    I am wondering ( I don't know how knowleable you are so please excuse me for this question) if your bios is set to boot from the CD. You are right in assuming that it is suppose to boot and you should see a program much like what you see using windows, once you have chosen "safe" or "full" mode. This is a reason why most of the users on this forum recommend to test the "rescue" cd. ( moot point here) If it is the disk that is faulty, take heart it can be made on another machine, you would have to install TI and make the rescue disk then uninstall TI ( license only allows use of TI on one computer)
    Report back and let us know how you are doing. There is a lot of help here. You will be surprised at the quality of help on this forum.
  3. jonyjoe81

    jonyjoe81 Registered Member

    May 1, 2007
    Tried doing a checkdisk\f on the affected partition first. Maybe you have some corrupted system files. Also do you have a newer computer with sata drives?
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2008
  4. FadeAway

    FadeAway Registered Member

    Apr 6, 2007
    I first started using ATI10 last year. Trying
    to boot from the recovery CD, all I got was a black screen. To correct
    the problem, I had to boot into the BIOS and change the
    Device Boot Order Sequence to boot from a CD. I figured out that was
    the problem when I threw in the Windows recovery CD, and it wouldn't
    boot either. It was a new XP machine.

    Also, if trying to recover from an external drive, read through this
    sticky for possible solutions:


    I have to do the "quiet acpi=off noapic" command workaround when
    recovering from an external drive on my older machine.
  5. Roger Macon

    Roger Macon Registered Member

    Feb 5, 2006
    As I mentioned before, it all started with the assumption that a re-boot would be good for the computer was bogging down. It was hanging, and having difficulty getting out of an internet site which seems to occasionally happen when something is perhaps down loading in the background from someone like Microsoft.

    History Outline:

    1-Early on, when I first had the problem, before thinking of Acronis I re-booted in Safe Mode and did a restore point from a couple of days before but no success. I tried various things with and without the external Kangaru hard drive connected. If the external hard drive was not connected I could boot and get the sign in screen but no box for the password. If the external hard drive was connected I would get the following message on a black screen:

    Intel® Boot agent ver 4.0.17, Copyright 1997-2001, Intel Corp
    Intel Base-Code, PXE-2.0(Build 083), Copyright 1997-2001,Intel CORD

    Client MAC ADDR: 00 07 E9 97 A4 C1, GUID C0620769-E61D-B211-8000-8277687C6288
    PXE-E53: No Boot File Received

    PXE-MOF: Existing Intel PXE ROM
    Boot Failure: System Halted

    2-Tried booting with both of my personally created Acronis Rescue Disk (with and without the dedicated Kangaru external hard drive connected) with no success.

    3- I called Microsoft because I had the same problem of getting the sign in screen (2 years ago) with it saying “Windows loading…” but never getting the white sign in box where I could type my pass word and go on to the windows desktop. Someone in India did this and that and fixed it and all has been well until now. Of late, there have been times when the same would happen but after 2-3 re-boots I would get the white box and could type my password and go on to the desktop.

    4-When I called Microsoft I spoke with customer service in the Phillipines and was passed on to tech support in India. That person meant well but I think he failed to do something correctly. After establishing a new user-TEST (I had only Administrator and me as User before) he had me boot into Safe Mode and do the following:

    Restarted the computer in safe mode & then deleted the values under - HKEY_Local_machine/software/microsoft/windowsNT/current version/winlogon.
    Upon re-starting the computer to Safe Mode we were ask for a User Name and Password but nothing I put in will allow me to now get to the desktop. I now think he should have set up a User or Password or something that would have assured getting to the desktop. The password I have successfully used historically or anything I think of to type in generates a message that basically says the password used is not correct and I cannot log on.
    A copy of the “winlogon” file was saved to the Desktop, which I can no longer get to. One of my failings was that when I could get to Safe Mode I should probably have done something using Acronis from within Safe Mode.
    5-The tech support then suggested do something along the lines of a dual install of Windows and variations thereof, which I did not want to do. I later called and got a new tech support that read the case notes and suggested trying to do a repaid by loading from the +-4 year old OS disk that came with the original Gateway computer. In doing that, he explained that the MS XPpro SerPac 2 and all other updates would have to be removed etc. I did not want to do that either.
    Three years ago when I religiously used PC BackUp and THOUGHT I was backing up everything,as Acronsis does, I lost my OS. That is when I learned that what I THOUGHT was not true and I was not backing up everything, inc. the OS. That is when I found Acronis and so far it has served me well. But, before being set up with Acronis I had to clear the hard drive and do a full installation of everything and that was one of the most time consuming, pecked away at it for about 3 months, miserable experiences of my life. My entire life, personal and business, is contained within my computer. I think everything is there for the using if I can only get back to the desktop and restore something using Acronis. Surely there is a better way than what MS tech support has suggested.
    I to had read here that stopping with v9 Build 3677 was good. I planned to upgrade to v10 then v11 but did not for it seemed that v9 Build 3677 had a lot of respect. I am now anxious to upgrade to v12 which will surely be the best ever. Anyone know when it will be coming along? I am glad you ask about how knowledgeable I am, very important question, for I like it to be well known from the get go. I am not very knowledgeable! I know how to carefully drive the car, fill the gas tank, add oil etc. but know nothing (don’t want to know either) how to stop the car every few miles and fix the carburetor, transmission etc.
    You mention something I am vaguely aware of and it gives me hope. I have read intellectual discussions of Bios but for me it is some sort of scientific mystery. However, your mention of making a CD on another machine may be within my capabilities for the instruction are very clear. My princess has an older machine and I am going to try that. At the moment I can only hope that my previous creations of Rescue Disk are corrupt and new disk from her machine will be the missing ingredient.
    You have given me hope. From lurking about, I surprised myself once by offering a though that seemed to have helped someone once, I have observed that there are many brilliant people, like yourself, that help those in need and desperate need, like myself, find a way. I will definitely report back for my problems, and hopefully the solution, will hopefully help others.
    Thanks for your suggestion! Your suggestion is probably a good one but beyond me at the moment and I am not sure how to get into it.
    That is what I am getting but with the error message noted above. You have unraveled the scientific mystery of Bios and a work around that is over my head but surely of great value. Thanks for the link! I am going to read through the link and see if there is anything I think I can get a good grip on.
  6. Roger Macon

    Roger Macon Registered Member

    Feb 5, 2006
    I to want to compliment the Acronis team for absolutely superb assistance.

    Some whare in the first 10 pages here I saw someone do the same but I have tried to eyeball the pages to find the same but I cannot. My thought was to copy and paste for I could not think of a way to say it better than the other person had stated. SO, I must mumble something along the same line of thinking.

    For the problem I have noted above I had to turn to the Acronis team and pay for assistance but it was more than money well spent. I cannot recall when, if ever, I have received such patient and thorough assistance in the finding of a problems solution. The only way they could have helped more would have been to fly someone over, had them sit at my side and guide my hand, with a stiff finger, from key poke to key poke. Shuchs, I even learned some stuff about the Bios thing, which I never really wanted to know, but now I have a little knowledge that can do me no harm. Not ready to get on a circut and give seminars but problem is solved and I learned a little.

    Thanks a lot Acronis!
  7. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Apr 28, 2004
    Hello Roger Macon,

    Thank you for choosing Acronis Disk Backup Software.

    Thank you for your warm words. We are glad to hear that your issue has been solved and you can use Acronis True Image successfully.

    If you have any further questions concerning Acronis software, please feel free to submit a request for technical support or post any of them on this forum. We will certainly try to help you in resolving any issues.

    Thank you.
    Marat Setdikov
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