Desktop Intel Drivers vs Laptop Intel Drivers

Discussion in 'hardware' started by berryracer, May 26, 2012.

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  1. berryracer

    berryracer Suspended Member

    Jan 24, 2008
    Dubai, UAE
    I notice that when you go to hte Intel Download Center, you choose the chipset you have either laptop or just regular chipset.....

    Is there a difference in hte actual drivers?

    I sometimes feel that if I install the latest Intel Chipset Drivers v9.3.0.1020 it might be missing some components in my laptop as opposed to the drivers that shipped with my Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 which are Intel Chipset Drivers v9.2.0.1021

    Same thing goes for the Intel Management Engine Components,

    I notice that the IME support: (X79/Z77/Z6:cool: while the support: (H61/H67/P67/Z6:cool:........ what are these anyway? I have an Intel 6 HM65 chipset in my laptop......

    When I installed the latest IME it installed fine......but then I had double thoughts about them and reinsatlled

    Finally......what about the Intel Rapid Storage Technology.......would you install the latest ones on a laptop or are the latest ones meant for desktop PCs and its better to stick to the ones that shipped with the laptop?
    My laptop came with Intel Rapid Storage Technology v10.1.2.1004

    But I notice there are 2 newer ones:

    Intel Rapid Storage Technology v10.8.0.1003
    Intel Rapid Storage Technology v11.1.0.1006 WHQL

    This is so confusing
  2. 1chaoticadult

    1chaoticadult Registered Member

    Oct 28, 2010
    Chaotic Land
    I'm using Intel Rapid Storage Technology v11.1.0.1006 and other drivers you mention without issues. It does get confusing but personally I just use the latest version of the drivers and if I have issues I rollback or restore an image backup. I notice the newer version of drivers seem to add support for newer hardware and the typical bug fixes.
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  3. Raza0007

    Raza0007 Registered Member

    Mar 30, 2009
    You should always install the latest drivers for your chipsets. The ones supplied by the laptop vendor were the latest at the time of shipment, that does not mean they are special drivers for your laptop. So go ahead and install the latest ones from intel website.
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