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Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by rickrj, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. rickrj

    rickrj Registered Member

    Jul 1, 2010
    Having been using Deep Freeze 6 for quite a while, I find it to be Superb for my Personal Use.

    After reading about Faronics newest version was finally released ( Deep Freeze 7 ) and becoming aware of all the New Features added since my 6.X Version, I decided to give it a try & see how it works ;)

    Everything was going pretty much well during the Trial ´til I decided to use TuneUp Utilities to clean up Stuffs ( Unnecessary Files and Backups ) to free up Disk Space.

    Much to my Dismay, I happened to found out that there was a " Log " File in my System Windows Folder called " DFError "___ What the heck is that for ?

    :( ) =>

    Unless I am mistaken, and after spending lots of Time trying to understand it, I reckon that it is used to register " error " Infos on DF 7 under the following circumstances :

    1) After selecting Boot Thawed and running the System Thawed in the next Restart;

    2) After selecting Boot Frozen and Boot into Frozen Mode in the next Restart;

    3 ) After logging off and on the PC in Thawed Mode

    Also, When one is working in a Frozen Mode, more Infos are added to such a DFError.log everytime he reboots the System or decides to log off or on; but, since the PC is in Frozen Mode all such Infos are not retained and everything are simply discarded after Restart...

    I just do not know Why now there´s now this DFError.log in Deep Freeze 7. Does anyone can tell me what it is used for, exactly ?

    While browsing all over the Web in hopes of trying to find something ´bout this DFError.log, I found that Deep Freeze 7 install all such Files in the System after Installation , including of course, DFError.log :

    :( ) =>

    As far as I know, there was a few Security Enhacement for Deep Freeze 7 so Does this DFError.log make this new version any weaker as to Security ? Sorry, I am a Newbie when it comes to Security Topics and all this...

    I always take Deep Freeze as a Robust boot-to restore Soft ( Not BulletProof ) and now I just dunno what to think when I see it now installing a " Log " File in the System for registering " error " Infos, isn´t it ?

    This is the kind of Infos that my DFError.log shows when opened :

    :( ) =>

    Does anybody can tell me what this DFError.log is all about, after all ? I´d appreciate greatly to be told what it is and if , by any chance, it compromises the Security Issue of the Product somehow.

    Thank you very much indeed for any Help to clear up such Doubts ;)
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  2. Rmus

    Rmus Exploit Analyst

    Mar 16, 2005
    Have you contacted Faronics Support with your questions? They can best provide the answers.

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