dcsws2.dll File missing Link in Registry

Discussion in 'Port Explorer' started by Hermescomputers, Nov 25, 2006.

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    Jan 9, 2006
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada, eh?
    I have 3 entries in the registry relating to Winsock providers with links to files missing yet they appear to be active within the system. Can anyone help shed light on this? Port Explorer is working fine with everything active and fully functional. Should I delete those entries?
    I must point out that the missing files are in Windows XP Pro X64 while my virtual machines running 32 bit have these files in the appropriate locations... Perhaps the modifications is ok in X64 but not in XP 32 bit.

    This is something I found on the

    Quote: You need to give the file DCSWS2.DLL, which is installed with Port Explorer, full access to your networks. You can find this file in your SYSTEM directory which is c:\windows\system on windows 95/98/ME and c:\windows\system32 on Windows NT/2K/XP. Give this DLL full access otherwise some software may have problems using the internet. End Quote.

    Now the last statement is wrong obviously if the files are missing and things are working online, yet the entries are there and I am concerned about a possible unknown/undocumented modifications perhaps by spyware.

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