Damaged Drive Removed

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    Jun 9, 2014
    I removed a Damaged Drive from my system. This Drive was partitioned into E:\ F:\ and G:\.
    Also in the system was another drive partioned into I:\ J:\ and K:\. After I removed the drive,
    I moved (draged) a partition between J:\ and K:\
    After re-booting, the drive showed as E:\ F:\ G:\
    E:\ and F:\ are still intact (NTFS) but G shows as unformatted with no file structure.

    Searched for deleted partitions - None found. HELP!

    XP professional sp3 - Paragon Disk manager 12 version

    How can or is there a way to fix this? The partition requesting format is 648 GB . I cannot format this partition. (Not that I can't, rather I don't want to!) my disk image is there, my backup is there as well as most of my installed programs.