Cybersecurity's Leaky D*i*k*e*s

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    Dec 29, 2002
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    "As head of the National Infrastructure Protection Center's office in Pittsburgh, FBI supervisory agent Dan Larkin mans a sentinel post on the front lines of the war against cybercrime. Rather than M-16s, his soldiers tote powerful computers, which they use to unmask hackers who break into networks and steal valuable information. They also try to intercept so- called script kiddies, who launch damaging denial- of-service attacks that flood Web servers with bogus queries and freeze company online operations.

    Rising interest in cybersecurity, spurred in part by the terrorist attacks of September 11, has vaulted Larkin and his 110 FBI cohorts staffing the NIPC into a much more visible role. Only problem is, the demands on them have outrun the capability of the tools available to do the best job possible."

    Rest of article here:
  2. controler

    controler Guest

    Nice article :)

    Is this a day late and a dollar short? LOL

    I wonder if we can use credits from previous collage courses to
    work for Mr Larken.
    I also noticed a lot of Bruce's in that atrilce OOOOEEEEEEEEEOOOOOO
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