Customize your Windows Recovery Experience

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    Jul 15, 2007
    A small guide to customize your windows recovery.

    First download the "DISM GUI" from here:

    -Run "DISM GUI" as administrator.
    -Select "Choose WIM" and select your "winre.wim". (before doing so, backup your "winre.wim" in another location, in case you want to restore the unmodified version in the future).
    -Select "Choose Folder" and select an empty folder. (it will be used to mount the "winre.wim").
    -Press "Mount WIM"
    -Press "Open Mounted Folder"
    -There navigate inside the subdirectory "\sources\recovery" and create a folder named "tools".
    -Inside "tools" ("\sources\recovery\tools") copy your exe needed for imaging/restoration (the exe must match your winRE version, either 32bit or 64bit). For example I use a hypotheticall "backup.exe"
    -Now in the same folder ("\sources\recovery\tools") create a file and name it "WinREConfig.xml".
    - Edit the containts of "WinREConfig.xml" and add the following strings:
    and save it.
    -Now close the mounted folder/s and press "Dismount WIM". In the pop up that appears "Do you want to commit changes?" press "Yes".
    Now after you reboot in the recovery menu, you'll see a new entry with your backup program.

    ps. if your exe needs any other file or folders to run, copy them inside the "tools" folder too.
    more info about the customization of Windows Re Experience here

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