Cryptowall problems

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    Nov 14, 2014
    Please tell me: Is this Utility compatible with MS Security Essentials on W7? IF so, will it root out and destroy this lousy CRYPTOWALL that snuck onto my system? Also, how much
    does it cost for individual

    Last but not least: Don't know if this Malware is causing this too - BUT - everytime I try to download a Program that might solve/help me I get the Alert: "My present security settings will not allow this download" And I cannot figure out how to temporarily turn off MS SE. I do have PROTECT ON in IE Security too.

    TKS micael
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    Jul 21, 2003
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    If Cryptowall was able to infect your computer then there are very few options for getting your files back. So did Cryptowall encrypt your files, and demand a ransom? Are you positive it's Crytowall? You can check at the site in the link below to see if they have the decryption key you need to decrypt your files. If not then I only know of one other option, and that is to pay the ransom if you want your files back. If you do pay the ransom that is no guarantee that you will get your files back, but many users report getting their files back after paying the ransom. There may be other options out there that I do not know of, but i'm not aware of any other options. I will report back though if I discover any other alternative. I would highly recommend you become an active member here at the forum. I think you will be able to prevent this from happening in the future. There are security application that can block all known forms of Ransomware in most cases. Nothing is 100% effective, but you can get pretty close. Unfortunately if you was only using Microfsoft Security Essentials you was not well equipped to block Cryptowall. These variants of Ransomware usually do a lot of damage to many user's machines before many of the traditional AV's begin to detect them. You may want to look around the forum to see what others are using to block Cryptoransomware. Here is the site to see if they have the decryption key you need to get your files back. Good Luck!