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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by peakaboo, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. peakaboo

    peakaboo Registered Member

    Oct 20, 2002
    Anyone know of good software that works which can log crash data (useful for diagnosing what caused the crash).

    The software needs to work on Win9x and would be nice if it is light on resources, spyware free, and freeware.

    my reason for wanting this software:

    I'm testing Opera and occasionally, (it's happening less frequently as I tweak down Opera prefs) I will load a page which will cause my pc to go to max CPU utilization, and freeze my pc. Only way to exit freeze state is to do a manual restart. I'm trying to find out what is causing this. Only happens with Opera.

    What I have looked at so far:

    1) I tried Inspector IIxII but it is not able to capture a log when my system freezes.

    2) I also ran across a program called anticrash, but I have not tried it yet:

    review of anticrash here:

    if you have tried this anticrash program give me some feed back on how it works.

    Bottom line: if you know of any good software which meets the above criteria, please post.
  2. Phant0m

    Phant0m Registered Member

    Jun 7, 2003
    Have you tried StayAlive ?
  3. peakaboo

    peakaboo Registered Member

    Oct 20, 2002

    Thanks for the link to stayalive.

    Unfortunately when I followed the link to the developer's site this is what I get:

    With effect from the 12th July 2003 TFI Technology Ltd have decided to discontinue development of its software products.
  4. Phant0m

    Phant0m Registered Member

    Jun 7, 2003
    Its best not to use that Software then since it’s no longer supported…

  5. peakaboo

    peakaboo Registered Member

    Oct 20, 2002
    I'm still looking for system freeze logging software (see 1st post above), and as I run across interesting programs in the same genre but which do not fit the bill for me, I will chronicle it below. I am in no way endorsing nor have I tried any of the following programs:

    Deep Freeze
    - Deep Freeze Standard is Simple and Easy to Use: Install in Seconds. All computers are completely restored to their original software configuration by simply restarting the computer.

    Deep Freeze Standard Version 3.32 For Windows 95/98/ME
    Deep Freeze Standard Version 4.10 For Windows 2000/XP

    Kick-off! - provides comprehensive crash detection and automatic recovery for unattended computers. Powerful monitoring software integrated with an external USB device monitors your system for crashes or "freezes" and automatically reboots it when a fault occurs...

    Motherboard Monitor (MBM) - An overheated computer is an unhappy computer. This handy program reads temperature and fan RPM data collected by your system's BIOS, displays it in the Windows system tray, and alerts you when there's trouble. You can use this application to manage your resources and alarms by doing things like setting an alarm to go off, or having an email sent to another computer, when your motherboard starts to overheat. You could even have programs start and stop when your CPU reaches predetermined temperatures. MBM Software Author's website here for latest version

    note from Peakaboo: I put this here cause sometimes pc freezes are the result of CPU overheating. It is not the cause of my problem, but I might try this handy little utility anyway. :)
  6. peakaboo

    peakaboo Registered Member

    Oct 20, 2002
    I installed the AntiCrash software a few hours ago.

    Looks real good so far. I like it.

    I'll post my experiences with this program later.
  7. solarpowered candle

    solarpowered candle Registered Member

    Jan 9, 2003
    new zealand
    I have just installed it too. They offer some nice programmes . Im also trying out the Hare . I noticed there is a great setting in the anti crash to prevent being booted whilst in yahoo .
  8. TonyKlein

    TonyKlein Security Expert

    Feb 9, 2002
    The Netherlands
    As for AntiCrash (formerly by Jibreel software) you may find this an interesting read:

    I don't know whether anything has been changed since, but the article doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the product.

    It would be nice, though, wouldt it? A program that actually prevents crashes?

    I doubt whether it can be done. Symantec didn't discontinue CrashGuard for nothing. It turned out to produce more crashes than it prevented...
  9. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    I did like the concept of AntiCrash but my system runs so much better with far more stability and less memory leaks since i uninstalled it thoroughly from my system.
    Never again.
    Recently i remembered the good old Dratson which comes with windows, fire it up, do a thing which might cause problems and see what drW makes of it.
    This way some things were found and i could send those parts to the developer os some software to have a look and indeed change something for the better in the software. I like this!
    But i would love a more complete nice monitoring thing, errors, monitoring resources, space, cpu, temp all in one for the resources etc etc and that all for a win9x system :)
  10. TonyKlein

    TonyKlein Security Expert

    Feb 9, 2002
    The Netherlands

    LOL! That's what I call a useful program....
  11. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Think in your support you might have had a hard task to convince people to give it a try to run their system without it when they had the most strange instability problems.
    I thought without it i would have even many more problems till i just closed it and after a while uninstalled it when my system was so much nicer and so many more resources available, quite a pleasure.

    Maybe the name should be pro-crash.

    I uninstalled more helpers and watchers and monitors and my system is behaving better and nicer after each on it's old age.
    I must admit in the software i'm running are so many more other functions to ensure all is watched, i can think of only a few tools extra i would like/need.

    In windows 98 is the faultlog.txt in which all your error messages are stored, but just that, not what is causing it exactly.
    Dr.watson gives some info with that, so i think we can use something nice indeed.
  12. peakaboo

    peakaboo Registered Member

    Oct 20, 2002

    Thanks for the reference.

    I've run across Langa's writing before, so I am familiar with him. I have no reason to doubt what he has reported for his tests. Two things:

    1) the AntiCrash Java applet is not the same program.

    When I researched the AntiCrash program I installed, I ran across the program your referenced article tested. I gave it a big pass just on concept alone (java applet preventing crash LOL) not on my pc. Surprised anyone of Langa's standing would not do the same.

    2) the date of the article 6/5/2000 does not even match with the version history, so it is definitely not the same program. See version history below. The original release of the AntiCrash program I am using (3.6.1) was 9/29/2000.

    The article does raise some interesting questions on documentation and how the referenced Java program does what it portends to do.

    I have a similar question regarding the version I am testing. If anything I think this is the Achilles heel, but one which can be rectified easily.

    So far as I said my experience has been good with this install of AntiCrash. I posted my initial impressions thus far here:

    date on my post = 21 September 2003 04:32

    AntiCrash Version history

    3.6.1 - December 16, 2002
    - AntiCrash Stabilizer: prevent crashes right before they occur!
    - AutoRepair will no more attempt to repair slow network drives
    - Some scheduled operations will no more trigger AntiCrash
    - Several minor bug fixes

    3.6 - September 20, 2002
    - Major new feature: BootSafe, anti-boot system for Yahoo Messenger with built-in blacklist
    - AutoRepair: artificial intelligence searches for unknown problems
    - AutoRepair: when a problem is found, AutoRepair repairs it automatically
    - AutoRepair: increased speed, and now threaded (doesn't hog the CPU anymore)
    - AutoRepair: doesn't hang on "Preparing for part 2" anymore
    - Improved Unfreeze interface and functionality
    - Unfreeze can now be launched on shortcut in any application for easy access in all circumstances
    - Ability to choose between Desktop mode & Server mode
    - Smart status indicator: view at a glance AntiCrash's status on the Main Menu
    - Improved crash engine; smarter and much faster at fixing crashes
    - Town Patrol improved, with minor interface changes on crash
    - Crash Log & Lifebelt windows now resizeable
    - Crash Log: ability to delete one particular entry of the log
    - On minor memory leaks, AntiCrash will no more report an incorrect major crash
    - Several internal memory leaks fixed
    - No more "C++ Compilation Error: Abnormal Program Termination" errors
    - Ability to check updates via the Internet within the software
    - Improved wizard engine
    - Important "under-the-hood" changes for the Mage Engine
    - A few installer bug fixes
    - The wave volume doesn't reset at maximum under some circumstances
    - Dachshund Integrator? updated to 1.5: important bug fixes
    - Few bug fixes and minor new features

    3.5 - May 15, 2002
    - Major new feature: AutoRepair (find and fix most PC problems with a single click using an advanced AI system)
    - Improved Unfreeze functionality with option to keep window on top
    - Scan application wizard won't crash a few applications anymore
    - Lifebelt doesn't cause failed assertions anymore
    - Several interface improvements, redesigned wizards
    - More robust crash interception engine
    - No more status window (was useless)
    - Many bug fixes and minor new features
    - Improved registration system
    - Dachshund Integrator? updated to 1.4: better functionality, many bug fixes

    3.0.1 - January 7, 2002
    - Improved wizard interface
    - AntiCrash will no more quit without reason after 2 hours or so
    - AntiCrash will no more falsely report screensaver crashes
    - No more "Out Of Bounds" errors that could occur under some circumstances
    - No more "Abnormal Program Termination" errors
    - No more "Type Mismatch" errors
    - Fixed a bug that caused AntiCrash to think a crash occurred when a particular memory offset was called
    - Unfreeze wizard improved, with a few bug fixes
    - Windows Washer will no more freeze under some circumstances
    - Dachshund Integrator? updated to 1.3

    3.0 - November 13, 2001

    Improved crash protection
    AntiCrash will intercept and fix over 95% crashes. It can also transparently fix blue screens, freezes and system crashes.

    Town Patrol II
    Town Patrol intercepts even more minor crashes; it can also display a dialog box when fixing crashes. Town Patrol's speed has been dramatically improved, and it can now fix application errors and minor system crashes.

    When a crash occurs, AntiCrash automatically backups the file you were working on to avoid data loss and corruption. Directly via AntiCrash, you can now view, delete, open, browse or recover recovered files.

    Windows XP compatibility
    AntiCrash is fully compatible with the new Windows XP.

    Crash log
    AntiCrash now features a crash log. When a crash occurs, the application name and the crash date is added to the log.

    When an application stops responding, use the Unfreeze feature to unfreeze the blocked program. For exceptionally important work, you can also launch a software using a protected memory mode to avoir common crash conditions (memory leak, DLL crash, etc.).

    Damaged files handling
    AntiCrash can recover files damaged after a crash and even files located on a damaged volume (i.e. with bad sectors). AntiCrash can even attempt to recover data lost after a crash. With AntiCrash, stop being a bundle of nerves when your file is damaged: just run the Recover lost data wizard!

    Scan & repair volumes
    With the new Scan & repair volumes wizard, AntiCrash can prevent over 50% crashes; just launch the wizard, select the disk, wait a few minutes while the wizard does its magic and enjoy a stable computer. And if some applications do not support AntiCrash's repairs, you can even undo them.

    Windows Washer II
    Windows Washer II is the most efficient RAM defragmentation system available for PC. This version features a much more efficient RAM defragmentation, can flush Windows' swap file, can be launched directly via the Integrator and displays free RAM before and after Windows Washer.

    New interface
    AntiCrash features a new interface: much easier to use, Windows XP-aware, full of clear colorful icons, AntiCrash is now eye candy.

    AntiCrash will assist you with step-by-step wizards that will do the work for you.

    Extended trial version
    The trial period has been extended to 20 runs (instead of 15).

    Major bug fixes
    - Internet Explorer 6 crashes are now properly handled, even if Microsoft's error reporting is enabled.
    - Town Patrol can now be disabled (broken in 2.1).
    - AntiCrash can now be closed without generating any unhandled exception.
    - When launched at startup, AntiCrash doesn't return a Failed Assertion anymore.
    - The Main Menu doesn't flash under some cirumstances.
    - AntiCrash won't use 100% of your CPU under some circumstances, especially right after fixing a crash.
    - AntiCrash will not crash if you open more than one copy.
    - With the new EngineCheck feature, AntiCrash cannot crash anymore.
    - AntiCrash is now compatible with MS-DOS programs.
    - Faster engine, with faster load time and crash recovery.
    - Tighter integration with the Dachshund Integrator.
    - Features the Dachshund Integrator 1.1: enable or disable AntiCrash on-the-fly, launch Windows Washer or the Unfreeze feature directly via the Integrator, and much more!
    - Many other major & minor features and bug fixes, but we can't list them all!


    2.1.1 - July 7, 2001
    - No more failed assertions or unhandled exceptions
    - Dachshund Integrator? updated, with a few bug fixes

    2.1.0 - June 20, 2001
    - AntiCrash features the Dachshund Integrator?, allows easy access to all our software with a single icon on the system tray
    - Therefore, no more annoying little bomb on the corner on the screen
    - You can use AntiCrash 15 times in demo mode without time limit (it won't quit after one hour)
    - Improved crash handling
    - Town Patrol will now auto-fix memory leaks
    - No more false alerts when an application stops responding
    - AntiCrash will not crash itself when a crash occurs (happened under Windows Me)
    - Windows Washer improved, works great with Windows Me and easily accessible via the Dachshund Integrator
    - A better interface, with a lot of minor interface changes
    - No more "failed assertion" errors
    - A load of minor and not-so-minor bug fixes

    2.0.0 - March 20, 2001
    - Major new features
    - Wizards
    - Windows Washer will virtually restart your computer without really restarting it (system flushing)
    - A better crash handling
    - Improved interface

    1.0.0 - Sep 29, 2000
    Original release
  13. peakaboo

    peakaboo Registered Member

    Oct 20, 2002
    Sorry it did not run well on your system.

    I take it you installed the latest version (3.6.1) and not that wierd java applet version TonyK linked to reference :)

    If your pc was running slow you did try adjusting the settings:

    under the settings tab >> enable anticrash >> more >> Anticrash Options >> under Protection tab you can adjust the Crash reaction level if your pc is running slow CPU hit from 0 to 10%.

    note I did not have to adjust my settings at all.

    and under Usage: Desk Top computer should have been checked, if you had inadvertently set it to server, you could have seen a performance hit... LOL

    Incredible the difference between your experience and mine. :)

    I'm running Opera (the freeze my pc version 7.11) and hopefully I can get my pc to freeze before my Anticrash trial is up so I can get a log of what is transpiring.

    AntiCrash is working so effectively, my pc won't freeze now!!! LOL ... well so far anyway :)
  14. peakaboo

    peakaboo Registered Member

    Oct 20, 2002
    Well Opera 7.11 finally froze on me and AntiCrash did not prevent or log the freeze.

    Nice program AntiCrash but leaves one with questions like if it works how? Also no response from my email to tech support.

    Above 2 reasons prompted me to de-install Anticrash.

    I would use this program only if more info. is given on specific problems id'd and how it will fix your problems before they are fixed.

    runs light on resources, and for my system appeared to make it run a little smoother.

    if AntiCrash had caught and logged the freeze, I would have kept the program, but since it did not it is of no use to me.

    Going to peek at Opera 7.2 known freezes there apparently, but will try it anyway...

    sure wish Firebird would come out of beta to at least version 1.0, when it does I'll give it a go :)
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