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Discussion in 'ProcessGuard' started by shapechanger1, Feb 7, 2004.

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  1. Just a few thoughts:

    I feel that PG's GUI may get complex in the future since development continues and additional features are added. Moreover, quite a lot of mouse clicks/movements are required if you want to perform certain functions (e.g. walking through the menues).

    Would it make sense to include a checkbox which determines whether PG will start with a "logging window", a "rules window" or the current "split mode" window? Of course, it should be possible to rapidly switch between the three modes (= button instead of menu). The rules window could look like a big table and list the entire ruleset. Each rule could be (de-)activated by checking a box (w/o any menu operations).


    The settings of the "split-mode" window should be saved on exit (i.e., it should not always start with 50:50 settings).

    Adding applications to PG should be possible via drag & drop. Moreover, PG could allow you to easily add any apps which are currently running. (It is not convenient to use the filebrowser to add more than 20 apps.)

    On_mouse_over (or on_right_click), a dynamic help bar could display some basic information in respect of each function. More detailed information would be available from the help file. The dynamic help bar could display a direct link to the relevant paragraph of the help file.

    Is it correct that there may be a TDS/PG package discount at the end of February?

    I still not understand why this is necessary: " forwards a customer's name, address, and email address to the publishers of downloadable software and other products which that customer purchases." ... When I go into a store and purchase a boxed version of a computer game etc. nobody will forward this information to the developer.
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    In your case the vendors aren't the devloppers, whereas DCS is the vendor and the devlopper, RegSoft is just a mandatory, a way to pay DCS.
    Moreover, those information are needed to make a licence key file exclusively for you and to register the software to your name.

    More info from DCS tomorrow i think :)
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