Conflict between NOD32 Scheduled Scan and PopTray

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by mikkl, Jan 10, 2006.

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    Has anyone experienced a conflict between a scheduled scan and Poptray?

    I am currently testing NOD32 on four different machines here. Two XP machines and two Win98 machines. All four are configured per Blackspear's tutorial. All four are configured to perform a cleaning scan every week while we are at church. On the XP machines the command line configuration given by Blackspear are used. On the Win98 machines, the silent scans are used as the command line versions will not run (haven't figured out why yet...)

    Coming home and checking the machines, I see that two scans ran correctly with the scheduler log properly indicating "completed". One of these machines is XPH. The other is Win98. One machine, XPH, had the completed scan but the log file indicates "Cleaning". The fourth machine, Win98, had a hard crash with the screen completely frozen.

    So, two out of four ran correctly. Looking at similarities and differences, I notice two similarities between the two machines where there were problems. Both are running nVidia video cards. Both are running PopTray email notifier.

    On the Win98 machine with the frozen display, I notice that the (frozen) PopTray icon indicates that it was in the middle of checking the email servers when the screen crashed.

    So I am wondering, could it be that Poptray is conflicting with a scheduled scan when a scheduled pop-server check is occuring?

    Anyone have similar experiences?

    Note, I have seen some of the posts about the "cleaning" problems that occasionally occur. I have also seen posts about conflicts between NODs scheduler and the Windows task scheduler, one of the reasons I am focusing on the potential of a scheduler conflict instead of the nVidia drivers. This coming week I'm going to use XP's task scheduler to see if the problem is the NOD scheduler.

    Sorry for the long and wordy post.

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