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  1. Learner

    Learner Registered Member

    Jul 10, 2003
    How do you set up TDS-3 to ignore, programs that are needed to help system performance, like Diskeeper or GoBack?

    What is CSC-32 and exactly what does it do?

    How do you set up sockets?
    What does sockets do exactly?
    And does this offer more protection to your system?

    Can TDS-3 be used while using a chat type program and if so how?
    And would this help with trojan type viruses that can be sent through a chat type program?

    Are there any other configuration set-ups that are recommended?

  2. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Hello Learner,
    welcome to the forum!

    Did you try those explanation threads to start with?
    Basic configuration
    CRC32 checks
    TDS a lot easier then you might think

    And the TDS > Help > Helpfile to answer more questions?
    Think in those threads you will find wonderful info and screenshots step by step so that's a good start!

    Further some settings depend on your windows version which you can use or not. Errors are not really possible.

    In the System Test > Scan Control you can put the settings and exclusions you like.
    Mind: TDS does not delete anything by itself, it alerts and gives you a proper chance to investigate the alarm and decide further action.
    So i don't exclude nothing as nasties could get anywhere, better sure then sorry.

    I recommend using the sockets if you like, but they can take some resources.
    When installed they have TDS listening on several known trojan ports so intruders can't use those same ports.
    So yes, it can certainly add to yuour security.

    TDS can run all time. I have it central on my system for lots of other functions added via scripts and to have it at hand in case of need.
    Further in the registered version the exec protection can be installed, which checks every executable on malicious code before it can run.
    TDS just runs, whatever else you're doing.
    We experimented long time ago with scripts in combination with mIRC among others, and the functionallity of msagents and speech technology with all that.
    TDS concentrates on worms and trojans, WormGuard more on worms and scripts, Port Explorer shows you in one blink all connections and if there might be hidden processes among them. It's a fabulous trio for your security.
    There are more tools in the build to work alongside TDS in near future.
    In the freetools zone is among others the AutoStartViewer a magnificent tool to check what is all set for autostart with the registrykeys.
    If you want to check some data traffic you have in TDS > Network the traffic bridge and TCP Port listen to see all traffic packets sent to you, while in Port Explorer you can spy on lots of packets at a time, etc.

    Hope this is a nice start to get some feel of TDS!

    NB: for viruses you need another program, like NOD32 or some other good tool of your own choice, which covers a great deal of current worms and trojans too, so you would have a nice second opinion for that part!
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