Computer chaos feared over 2015's leap second

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    Is this a real cause for real concern or just another Y2K Scare?

    "Computer chaos feared over 2015's leap second

    The year 2015 will have an extra second — which could wreak havoc on the infrastructure powering the Internet.

    At 11:59 p.m. on June 30, clocks will count up all the way to 60 seconds. That will allow the Earth's spin to catch up with atomic time.

    The Earth's spin is gradually slowing down, by about two thousandths of a second per day, but atomic clocks are constant. That means that occasionally years have to be lengthened slightly, to allow the slowing Earth to catch up with the constant clock.

    But last time it happened, in 2012, it took down much of the Internet...."

    Would turning off time synch help or is it a network/infrastructure/server issue?

    Looks like we have 5+ months to prepare, if necessary.

    "On June 30th at precisely 23:59:59, the world’s atomic clocks will pause for a single second. Or, to be more precise, they’ll change to the uncharted time of 23:59:60 — before ticking over to the more worldly hour of 00:00:00 on the morning of July 1st, 2015."
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