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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by sdculp, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. sdculp

    sdculp Registered Member

    Jan 3, 2006
    I have Acronis True Image Home 2009. Recently I set it up for a backup and went away for a few hours. When I returned, it had actually done three backups. The log reported that the first two were "complete with errors" and the last was completed satisfactorily.

    What happened? It appears that Acronis completes a backup with error, then fixes the error and tries again until it completes satisfactorily. I don't see how it could fix some file error. Can I throw the two backups with error away and keep the satisfactory one?

    Can someone explain what is going on?

    Thank you.

Thread Status:
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