COMODO Backup 4.1.2 Released

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    Jun 6, 2010
    What's new (compared to 4.0)
    - "Create Rescue Disk" button in settings which automatically create a WinPE disc or WinPE ISO image
    - List view replaced the tree view in backup step 1, 2, restore step 1 and in online storage TAB. An address bar will be visible with the list view.
    - Clicking Backup TAB will start a new backup process, so you can immediately set what, where, how and when to backup.
    - Shortcuts and profiles where moved into a separate TAB
    - Option not to restore NTFS security attributes
    - Option to right click -> copy log when backup/restore operation finishes
    - Last backup is now a predefined profile in shortcuts TAB
    - Right click menu for Online Storage TAB
    - Options to exclude system or hidden files from backup
    - We support network shares as sources for backup;
    - CCloud drive and all mounted backups are visible as removable drives (before they were visible as fixed drives)
    - Custom profiles can be scheduled

    What's fixed & improved (compared to 4.0 and 4.1 BETA2)
    - Double-clicking on a CB backup file has no effect if UAC is enabled and CB is open;
    - No behavior is implemented when restoring a partition backup while CB is not elevated;
    - Backup failing with error code 101003 for "Files and Directories", "Registry Files", "User Folder", "System State" backup jobs using Email as destination;
    - Memory leak while submitting files for malware scan;
    - The “CBU BackUP” contextual menu shortcut does not work if CB is open and UAC is enabled;
    - CB hang when switching between the snapshots for a .cbu backup stored on CCloud;
    - A folder transfer from CCloud to the local system hang at 100%;
    - Error code 9/crash when trying to save a backup on a CD/DVD already written;
    - Messages referring to computer shut down when choosing to restart after restore
    - Fixed the file transfer error from online storage to local machine;
    - Fixed the first item omission in CCloud tab when deleting a group of files;
    - Fixed the file copy error from local to CCloud when CCloud is empty;
    - Fixed issue reported by user here ;
    - Fixed issue with windows PE function and issue reported by user here ;
    - Fixed password issue reported by user here ;
    - Fixed issues with shell extension not allowing to backup paths that include the space separator;
    - Fixed "An error occurred" and "Check your system date" messages that were randomly displayed when CCloud server was not working properly;
    - Fixed "Simple Copy to a network/ftp/ccloud location is successful with no network connection reported here;
    - Fixed crash reported by user here;
    - Fixed issue with invalid path when setting a network share as location for backups reported in 4.1 BETA and BETA2;
    - Fixed restore verify process cancelling issues;
    - Gui blocking and hangups for CCloud operations on backup, restore, other profiles and online backup pages;
    - COSService monitor Sync Service and vice versa in case one unextpectedly terminates, the other will try to restart it;
    - Diagnostics which didn't work properly when a file was replaced with an older version;
    - CB automatically cleans left over files from the installation of redistributable pack;
    - issue with "Checking if file ... can be used as backup base." displayed when file doesn't exist.
    - Mirror (clone) backup crash when multiple disks are present in the system;
    - 'Restore now' crash occuring when a text search is in progress;
    - Hang at cbwizard logout from CCloud;
    - Crash when right clicking the properties menu on a file in the restore screen;
    - Mirror (clone) crash when clicking backup now and there`s no destination available;
    - Error "file not found" during the file transfer in "Online Storage" which sometimes occurred;
    - Custom incremental/differential profiles that could not be edited if the backup base no longer existed;
    - Compression issue reported by user here
    - Option to remember connection credentials which was not present sometimes in Schedule page for network backups;
    - Crash produced during cd backup when the file is larger than the available space on disk;
    - Regsitry keys/values backups that failed with code 92 or that could not be exported to script;
    - Issue with opening self extracting backups;
    - Issue reported here;
    - Issue with nothing happening when cbu is elevated and the user double clicks on a backup file;
    - Issue with filters, when switching between backup step 2 and 3;
    - Issues with Last backup in otherprofiles;
    - Issues with address bar in backup step 2, restore step 1 and Online Storage TAB
    - Issues with WinPE;
    - Issues with shortcuts TAB;
    - Issues with sync to CCloud which sometimes may not have worked properly;
    - Setup checks first if newer version of CB is available on website and notifies user;
    - Changed the way schedules and custom profiles are stored in registry. Now they can be edited using regedit in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\ComodoBackup\ScheduleList;
    - Issue with long and special characters passwords for COMODO Cloud;
    - Issue with simple copy sparse files from NTFS to FAT;
    - CBReparse.sys starting slower on some OS causing diagnostic report to say it's not running;
    - Backup verification after creation which failed if macros were used;
    - Potential issue with loop when checking for missed schedules;
    - Delete propagation issue on simple copy (delete shouldn't propagate on simple copy);
    - Potential error code 3 when running scheduled backups;
    - Small logging improvements;
    - Backup error code 43 for |DATE3| macro;
    - 0 KB files created when attempting to create simple copy backups for Microsoft Outlook 2010 when the application is opened;
    - Snapshot selection which displayed wrong information in restore step 2 for cbu files that contained more than 1 snapshot;
    - Mounting large disk/partition backups which seemed to hang;
    - Split backups unmountable;
    - Fixed command line multiple partition backup issue;
    - Dbginfo.bat file in installation directory to collect debug information for analysis;
    - BSOD when scanning computer with CIS caused by cbufs.sys;
    - Bug with restoring files from an incremental backup that are partially changed, the files didn't restore properly;
    - Xlsx files that could not be edited with Microsoft Excel from CCloud drive;
    - Some crashes with COSService.exe;
    - Added extra command line parameter "/dont_restore_file_security" to avoid restoring NTFS security attributes;
    - Restore issue when part of cbu backup footer is corrupted;
    - Fixed issues when logging in/out from CCloud an CB program didn't changed it's state;
    - .Zip backup not created correctly when the "Scan for malware" option was selected;
    - Mounting and unmouting the CCloud drive several times causing CB to continuously display the last wait dialog;
    - CB crashes when attempting to unmount .cbu backups when CB is not elevated;
    - CB crashes when submitting files for CIMA scan;
    - .Zip backup is not created correctly when the "Scan for malware" option is selected;
    - Continuous BSOD when installing CTM 2.9, then CB;
    - Some speed optimizations for instant scan;
    - Context menu for items in CBWizard;
    - Issues with sync to CCloud;
    - Error 29 when performing cbu incremental on sparse file;
    - Error 29 at the end of the restore process when restoring sparse files from cbu backup;
    - Restoring corrupted cbu backups (in previous version error 14 occurred sometimes when trying to restore a corrupted cbu backup);
    - Query allocated ranges for sparse files with zero data only;
    - Sparse files treated as empty if no data present;
    - Large memory leak when restoring sparse files;
    - Scheduling predefined backup profiles issue;
    - GUI hang after several backup operations and no interaction with the application;
    - Improper display of the Manage-Events-"Delete" button tool-tip message;
    - Some translation updates and errors fixed;
    - "Restore directory structure" enabled for partition backups ;
    - Restoring self-extractable backups is now possible with CB;
    - Potential crash when mounting a disk backup;
    - Scripts issue when ENTER or TAB characters are present inside script;
    - The 'Use Default' option not working properly in backup/restore;
    - Improper GUI behavior when executing two or more .cbu files;
    - Logging issue and potential errors with reparse points;
    - The date and time for snapshots for Email Accounts and IM Conversations backups not being displayed in restore step 2 when changing the snapshot;
    - Some speed improvements when browsing GUI;
    - Backup failes with error code 4 when attempting to create an ISO backup for the system partition;
    - Scheduled backup fail with error code 1;
    - CBU.exe crash during startup;
    - SFX successfully restored to non existent location;
    - All the files on an ISO type backup saved with Upper Case;
    - Backup fail with error code 97 when attempting to create SFX CBU backups to cd/dvd;
    - COSService crash when canceling a .cbu backup to the Online Storage;
    - CB crash when closing the application during a file transfer from the online drive;
    - Sharing a status on Yahoo Messenger from "Share with friends" not working;
    - CB Wizard can create backup during instant scan;
    - The used and free space of a mounted drive are not retrieved properly;
    - GUI hangs when attempting to start the backup operation during the list population of the backup sources;
    - Mixup between compressed/uncompressed size in restore step 3;
    - The "Scan all files on this computer" option in the Settings menu appears unchecked by default;
    - Improper behavior when editing a custom profile created after a backup operation is complete;
    - The "Restore" from the Summary screen not available;
    - Items backed up to the installation folder without a .CBU extension if Step2 is skipped, a default path is set and one or more macros are added;
    - Invalid path when setting a non-existing path on an existing volume in settings;
    - Backup fail with error code 9 when attempting to create ISO backups to cd/dvd;
    - CB crash after creating the second snapshot based on a schedule;
    - Backup fails with error code 53 for an Email Accounts inc & diff simple copy backup to a FTP Server;
    - The "Mount at Windows startup" option;
    - Issue with mounting backups and network drives;
    - Simple backups to email not working;
    - Destination path is not visible for a schedule / history event to CCloud (CCloud was not visible in Manage TAB);
    - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\Common\Settings registry key has options to configure debug log size and to set whether diagnostics should be performed or not;
    - Added /noWizard parameter in CB setup in case wizard installation fails it can be installed without wizard;
    - Issue with backup created with 3.0 version that contained more than 1 snapshot;
    - Self extractable backups created on x64 systems that could not be restored on x86 systems;
    - Disabled log attachment for success mail notification in setup tool;
    - Isolated first split backups are flagged as corrupted when verified;
    - Issue when uninstalling CB, no restart then uninstalling CCloud;
    - Other crashes with CBU.exe and CBWizard.exe;
    - Some typos
    - Other minor issues;

    Known Issues
    - Sometimes COSService.exe might crash when performing a login to Online Storage;
    - Somtimes CB may crash when attempting to create backups for the registry files;
    - Some translation in other languages except English may be incomplete;
    - Sometimes CB launches without its UI or the UI can be erased with items from the desktop;
    - The right-click options from Restore Step2 may not work properly;
    - Rigth-click "Online Backup" contextual menu from explorer may not work properly;
    - Sometimes the source selection for the previous backup is not displayed in the "Last Backup" section;
    - The progress bar might jump from 0% to 100% completion for disk/partition backups;
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