Comodo BackUp 3.0.171317.133 UPDATE

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    Jun 6, 2010


    Changes in Comodo Backup 3.0:
    New features:
    * New backup formats. CB can now create ZIP and ISO archives.
    * New backup methods. You can backup locked files using Volume Shadow Copy or using raw read (direct read).
    * Online backup got better. It supports all type of backups including .cbu, .zip, .iso, sync and simple copy.
    * Scripting got better. it has support for global variables such as %TEMP%, %USERPROFILE% and for all new features in CB.
    * Better speed. Since last public release we improved our cbu backup speed with 30%.
    Innovation & technology:
    * Smart synchronization. Minimize bandwidth using block level synchronization.
    * Incremental and differential backups. Minimize storage space using block-level incremental backups.
    * Versioning capabilities. You can store multiple incremental and differential backups in the same .cbu file.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.