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    June 19, 2013-Colasoft nChronos Forensic Data Recorder v4.0 Released

    Colasoft, an innovative provider of network management software and packet analysis solutions, today announced a new version of its flagship product, the nChronos Network Forensic Data Recorder application. The new nChronos version 4.0 has enhanced application monitoring and alerting capability.

    New Features:

    nChronos Console
    • A Web Attack pane is added to the monitor window to display web attack information on internal IP addresses.
    • Real-time status monitor of customized applications.
    • Performance analysis of customized applications.
    • Adds transaction analysis of HTTP-based web applications.
    • Transaction logs are added to display transaction details.
    • Alarms on applications can be defined now.
    • You can define fields for any custom applications.
    • A Top Segments pane is provided to display the instant traffic of defined network segments.
    • The properties of a network link can be exported and imported.
    • Multiple packet files can be replayed simultaneously.
    • You can now reactivate an nChronos Server by an nChronos Console.
    • Added Custom Reporting capability for individual nodes within the Node Explorer of Expert Analyzer.
    • The network connection speed between nChronos Server and nChronos Console can be tested.

    nChronos Server
    • Added IPv6 analysis.
    • A Service Manager is provided to manage the service for nChronos Server.
    • nChronos Server can be activated by a Service Manager or by an nChronos Console.
    • A user type of auditor is added to dedicatedly view the audit logs.
    • You can now allocate the storage space to statistics, packets, alarm logs, and transaction logs as required.
    • You can now set the date and time manually by setting the time zone or synchronize the time with an Internet time server.
    • A predefined library function is provided to import predefined system applications and signature alarms.
    • Configurations of nChronos Server can be saved for further use.
    • Configurations of nChronos Server can be imported.

    August 16, 2012 –Colasoft Launches Version 3.1 nChronos Network Forensic Analysis Application

    Colasoft, an innovative provider of network analysis software and solutions, today announced a new version of its flagship product, nChronos Network Forensic Analysis Application. Capability, customization and user experience are all enhanced in v3.1 which allow network administrators to easily complete back-in-time and real-time network analysis on high performance enterprise networks over a long period of time.

    New Features:

    nChronos Console
    • 40-Day Time Window is now available for much longer traffic trends display and analysis.
    • You can now get real-time key traffic statistics and charts, such as throughput, Top IP talkers and Top application talkers, to understand what are consuming the bandwidth.
    • You can view statistics by network segments, groups and VLAN's, and filter data by segments.
    • Statistic data now can be exported to .csv files, and be used by other applications to generate reports.
    • You can now highlight the objects, such as applications, IP addresses, MAC addresses and network segments, and view their data in a new window to eliminate interference from irrelevant data of other objects.
    • nChronos can now monitor sensitive words that you specify in email title and/or content. An email alarm will be triggered when a keyword is found in an email.
    • You can now use domain alarms to monitor the web visit activities to certain domains, URLs and IP addresses.
    • You can now use signature alarms to build complicated rules to detect anomalies in TCP/UDP flow, bit by bit, an advanced function for senior professionals to detect new computer virus and attacking, etc.

    nChronos Server
    • You can now define network segments to get statistics for each network segment or VLAN.

    Expert Analyzer
    • You can now choose analysis profile and configure the analyzer while starting the built-in analyzer to perform deep-packet-inspection and forensics analysis.
    • The views of the built-in analyzer add searching function which allows you to enter keywords as filters to hide irrelevant data.
    • The Start Page is redesigned to show more information to help you get started, and understand the new features of nChronos.
    • Packets download function works more accurately and more flexible options are available.
    • The built-in analyzer works more smoothly with nChronos server when it's started to receive packet data from the server.
    • The search function in views remembers the keywords that you used, and searching with multiple keywords is also available.
    • Traffic Alarm is enhanced with advanced options for building complicated rules to monitor traffic pattern.
    • The Alarm view shows more types of alarms and more options to filter and organize alarm events.
    • The Ribbon on the built-in analyzer, other than original Capsa network analyzer, is simplified, and unnecessary icons are removed.

    May 31, 2011-Colasoft Announces the Launch of nChronos Back-in-time Network Analysis Server 3.0

    We are very excited to announce the launch of nChronos back-in-time network analysis server, providing customers with great capabilities to troubleshoot high performance networks and pinpoint critical performance & application issues.

    As a brand new product, nChronos’ release has poured fresh and great power to Colasoft Network Analysis Technology. It performs massive packet capturing and recording, efficient data mining and in-depth network traffic analysis to empower customers the capability of visualizing the overall enterprise network activities, drilling down to isolate performance issues and troubleshooting high-priority and critical network issues. Furthermore, it consists of servers and consoles to achieve expediently remote data capture, decoding and analysis for efficient network troubleshooting, application and device performance evaluation and optimization.

    “With nChronos, IT professionals are able to view a specific window of time to troubleshoot network problems, benchmark the network performance, and audit network user activities with forensics from the historical network traffic”, said Eddie Gao, CTO of Colasoft, “Exclusively, nChronos provides scalable mass storage capacity varies from 1TB to unlimited storage for packets and statistics retrieval to meet the customizable network requirements”.

    Features of nChronos back-in-time network traffic software:

    • 7x24 real-time packet capturing and recording for forensics analysis
    • Retrospectively analyze historical traffic of any time period
    • Baseline and visualized trends of network performance
    • critical links monitoring & alerting
    • In-depth network traffic analysis to optimize performance
    • Efficient drill-down for traffic data-mining & index
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