CLISD That Trick you NO means YES

Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by CoolSights2000, Dec 11, 2003.

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  1. Hi All!

    Is there any way to get these added to the list cause my wife just got tricked she hit NO and it installed anyway.... I added them to the personal list for now but everyone else needs to be protected....

    They have programmed no to means YES....

    I have dabbled a little with programming so I know it is easy to do! if x then y else z end if will get you every time....

    It took a few hours to clean it up,,,,
    I used this site below with all my power tools to remove it..

    The site above gives details the hand removal stuff is at the bottom of the page......

    I was able to do a clean up before the computer was rebooted.....

    The first two BHO's have the same number but I'm not sure it the upper case and lower case mean the same thing.... a = A or a no = A ... So I listed both...

    eUniverse_IncrediFind BHO Object recognized!
    Type : RegValue
    Data :
    Object : Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\URLSearchHooks
    Value : {5D60FF48-95BE-4956-B4C6-6BB168A70310}

    eUniverse_IncrediFind BHO Object recognized!
    Type : RegKey
    Data :
    Object : CLSID\{5d60ff48-95be-4956-b4c6-6bb168a70310}

    eUniverse_KeenValue Object recognized!
    Type : RegKey
    Data :
    Object : Interface\{8B8F6968-2F24-41E3-B653-E9613226F14D}

    eUniverse_IncrediFind BHO Object recognized!
    Type : RegKey
    Data : c:\program files\incredifind\bho\incfindbho.dll
    Object : TYPELIB\{DE289BFA-737B-4ABB-A4EC-F8753551B875}

    My wife has been pretty lucky so far,,, I going to start running ad-aware scanner also on the XP machine....

    The girls have been playing with that flash stuff at game rival... I thought Gamerival was on the IESPY block list

    I know it used to be HUM what happen...

    Thanks Mac!

    It is all just a trick of the eye one false zero and you have had it!
  2. Peaches4U

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    Nov 22, 2002
    At my computer
    Hi & welcome to these boards if you are new to here.

    Do you have SpywareBlaster installed? Do you get updates frequently? - check the UPDATES forum here for them if you do not do it yourself automatically. I believe SpywareBlaster has these on their blocking list and will prevent them from entering your computer in the first place. You should also have SpyBot installed to do [I do scans daily] scans for instant removal? What may not be in the Ad-Aware data base will most certainly be in the SpyBot data base or vice versa.

    Some sites are bad for drive by downloads to stay clear of them especially those that have downloaded themselves into your computer.

    Hope this helps. Cheers
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