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  1. Hi,

    Tried to help Kardo Krystal because his website was being blacklisted. I can read German, but on thier website could not find a way to:
    - find out how to report false positives, other than to read terms of use and contact and contact their support
    - find out what their rules of transparancy are, in other words what conditions trigger this clean-MX internet police to block a website (how many sources, how do they check reported websites to be truly fishy/malware/etc)
    - find out whether these internet police like agencies have adapted some policies, normes and values to which they confirm themselves and to which institute or agency I can submit a complaint when they do not act along their own operating standards (in simple terms who is going to monitor the actions of this internet police, like in normal world reenforcement, accuisition and judgement is seperated)

    At first I would like to state that I am very happy with institutions like clean-MX, but could not find answers on above questions. When it is not my lack of German language, I can't believe that this mode of operation is possibe in 21-century (without this transprancy and any institute which controls the operating standards of the internet police we are on the same level of modus operandi as spanish inquisition or french revolution courts.

    Maybe some native German forum members can help out on this (cant believe this would be true)

    Regards Kees
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  2. cleanmx

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    Jan 28, 2014
    Hi Kees

    please contact me by pm or directly

    we do not block, we only report and are consolidating data from various sources.

    -- Gerhard

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