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    Nov 19, 2006
    I have a heavily loaded test partition with many applications , many of them are of the utility type (registry cleaners, tweakers, imaging, DD10 type disk utilities ect..

    Not surprisingly after a half year the partition started to act up with various corruptions. I was going to re-image the partition but instead decided to do a "CHKDSK/R" procedure to see if it corrected the corruptions and it did!!!. The CHKDSK repaired:

    1: native firewall which was not working ( it did not show if it was active or not).

    2. the security center which was also corrupted, and many smaller corruptions such as needing to triple and quadruple click the icons to get them to work and problems with drop and click copying ect.. (These were all corrected to my surprise as I thought that the partition was smoked!!).

    Before To correct a problem with the native firewall and non specific corruptions I re-installed SP2 and/or IE7 along with "sfc /scannow" to get the partition to work as usual again. (I like to monkey around to see if XP is repairable thru some askance procedure).

    If you do not have an image, copy all data to a safe place before trying the CHKDSK repair as an already compromised partition is easily on the verge of meltdown and the data possibly irretrievable.

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