cherche regle pour wolfenstein - enemy territory merci d avance

Discussion in 'LnS French Forum' started by Hestaer, Aug 24, 2004.

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  1. Hestaer

    Hestaer Guest

    cherche regle pour wolfenstein - enemy territory merci d avance
  2. gkweb

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    Aug 29, 2003
    FRANCE, Rouen (76)

    tu peut nous passer l'url du site officiel ?

  3. Strato

    Strato Guest

    Voilà ce que dit le site officiel :

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein relies on Internet communication via the IP protocol and UDP ports 27950, 27960, 27965 and 27952. These are the ports that the game uses for connection, message of the day, server browsing, and so forth. [Punkbuster also uses those ports.]

    If you are using any type of firewall, either software or hardware based, you must ensure that traffic can pass on these ports. With a simple gateway using Network Address Translation (NAT), there is no limit on outgoing traffic and the game will probably work for client machines, but not servers, without any need to customize the gateway. For more sophisticated firewalls (such as Zone Alarm or Black Ice) you may need to configure the system to allow incoming and outgoing traffic on the ports listed above. The exact steps for doing this are specific to the firewall your are using. For more information you will need to consult with the firewall documentation or manufacturer.

    We also do not advise setting up a Return to Castle Wolfenstein server for internet use on a machine that is not directly connected to the Internet. The problem is that any gateway router that translates an internal sub-net to a real IP - including NAT with ipForwarding or DMZ - requires that the internal server use an internal IP address, and these machines see clients on your LAN as different addresses from the internet and thus you cannot authorize these clients.

    Also note these commands (thanks devZero):

    # net_port - sets the network port to use, default 27960

    # net_qport - network port to be used internally by the network system

    # net_ip - tells the game what the internet IP is of your machine (when using some routers, RTCW may believe the IP is the address of your machine on the local network).
    These commands would need to be set on the command line, for example edit your RTCW shortcut 'Target' box to
    "c:program FilesReturn to Castle WolfensteinWolfMP.exe" +set net_port 27960
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