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  1. mark kaufman

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    when my computer starts up and displays initial spyware guard screen ->the window that free version spy guard displays - regarding the alert
    >that a change in browser address is being made - and then inquiring if
    >user wants to KEEP NEW address or KEEP OLD ADDRESS , doeas not recognise
    >the fact that EVEN THE FIRST ADDRESS (original ,"old )is a hi jacking attemp( OR NOT GOOGLE- which is what I use ) / MY POINT
    >IS - there should be a third option asking WHAT ADDRESS FOR BROWSER
    >user wants if neither the two displayed ones, are incorrect. I feel by
    >the time in start-up sequenceyour program detects a browser change , it is
    >already too late and virus -like browser hijacker has already done it;s
    >work and even begun to cascade into secondary browser hijack addresses -
    >which spy guard detects , albeit too late to be of value.

    email adress partly changed for harvesting/security reasons - paul
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.