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Discussion in 'privacy general' started by BlackScarletLove, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. BlackScarletLove

    BlackScarletLove Registered Member

    Jul 12, 2007
    Change your IP address

    Windows XP Cable Modem:
    START>Control Panel>Network Connections

    1. Right click on your local connection (not your gateway if you have one).
    2. Click, Properties.
    3. Highlight, Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), from the list.
    4.Click, Properties.
    5. if "Obtain an IP Adress" automatically is checked then, Click "Use the Following IP Adress."
    5. Go to START>Run
    6.Type cmd
    7. in Command Prompt type, ipconfig /all
    "Keep the command prompt window open (for you will need this to change your IP)"
    8.Go back to "Obtain an IP adress Automatically"
    9.For "IP Adress" type your ip adress givin to you in the command promp
    10. The last digit in the ipadress is the only one that needs to be changed, change this by 1 integer.
    11.The default getaway and subnet mask are the same as in the command prompt.
    12. The DNS's are the same as in the command prompt.
    13. Push OK then Cancel.
  2. firefox2008

    firefox2008 Registered Member

    May 17, 2007
    You are still using your ISP so there still will be a record of you no matter what your IP is b/c you are using addresses from the same pool. This would be useful for downloading from sites like Rapidshare that have time limits on IP's, but for privacy this wouldn't be something useful.
  3. ThunderZ

    ThunderZ Registered Member

    May 1, 2006
    North central Ohio, U.S.A.
    Do not believe this will do a thing other then change the IP of the single machine. Depending on why you are doing this, beat download restrictions, hiding your identity, what ever the reasons.....If you are behind a router, DSL/ cable modem and depending on how your ISP set-up is, your PCs IP is not the one seen on the Internet. There for this change really does nothing in regards to hiding anything.
  4. GlobalForce

    GlobalForce Regular Poster

    Jun 30, 2004
    Garden State, USA
    Change your IP? Not much of an explanation let alone any reasoning. Batting a thousand. Ten post's, zero replies.
  5. Dogbiscuit

    Dogbiscuit Guest

    Those instructions don't seem to work, other than to assign a different IP address to the PC from what your cable ISP's DHCP server has assigned you. In other words, you'll have to change that address back to the original IP address in order to connect to your ISP's network again.

    What does work:

    1. At the command prompt (in an admin account) type, ipconfig /release.
    2. Power off your PC.
    3. Unplug every cable from your cable modem.
    4. Wait. I usually wait overnight, as I believe the lease for my IP address expires every 24 hours unless renewed.
    5. Plug the cables back into your cable modem and power up your PC. This should automatically lease a new IP address from your cable ISP's DHCP server.
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