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Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by Howard Kaikow, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Howard Kaikow

    Howard Kaikow Registered Member

    Apr 10, 2005
    In various treads in tis forum, I have pointed put that I ALWAYS got a BSOD when tryng to install Drive Backup or Backup and Recovery on a Win 2000 sP4 system.

    This has been a very painful process.

    I developed a theory of why this happened.

    As a final test, I did the following with the Trial version of Backup & Recovery 10 Suite.

    1. As my PC is multiboot, I first tried installing BR10 in the same OS, on G, in which I was able to successfully install Paragon PM 10 recently. Alas that resulted in the all too familar BSOD.

    Note that the BSOD occurs AFTER the install Window states that the product has been registered.

    2. I rebooted to my main OS, not on G, and restored G using Acronis TI 9.

    3. I then powered off both USB drives.

    4. I rebooted to G. Guess what! BR!0 now installed without error!!!!!!

    5. I was then told I needed to restart, but before restarting I powered up both USB drives.

    6. Rebooted to G and BR10 worked!

    &. This confirms my theory.

    There is a serious bug in Paragon's backup products, likely not limited to Win 2000. I did not have this problem with Ghost 10 or Acronis True Image 9.

    It is highly likely that the bug is that the software does not properly deal with USB 2 drives connected via an Adaptec USB 2 card, rather than thru the mobo.

    I've not seen any other app fail for this reason.

    As a result, I can make some comments about BR10.

    1. As with PM 10 personal, KAV really slows down BR10.
    So, I expect that KAV needs to be told to trust these apps.
    Of course, my intent would be to use the Paragon products in Win 7, so a different version of Kaspersky might not have such effects, e.g. KIS 2010 includes a built-in whitelist for apps.

    2. I really do not like Paragon using the same desktop icon for both PM 10 and BR 10.

    I really cannot comment further until I read the manual and try the product.
    Unlikely to occur within the 30-day trial, as I am so backlogged due to various things, not to mention the time I've wasted due to this bug.
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