Can't get recent programs back in Start Menu

Discussion in 'MRU Blaster Forum' started by Jay Oer, Aug 29, 2003.

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  1. Jay Oer

    Jay Oer Guest

    I installed MRU-Blaster and started with ALL the items in the list CHECKED, but, I was unhappy with the most recent programs that I was using disappeared in Windows XP "start" screen.

    When clicking on "Start" in Windows XP, the left white column would list the most recent programs I used. I have UNCHECKED each and every item in the ignore list one at a time until I had every item UNCHECKED. STILL, the most recent program doesn't appear in the START pop up menu when clicking on START. I made sure to 'save' the settings after unchecking each item. I would like to get them back. HOW?

  2. LowWaterMark

    LowWaterMark Administrator

    Aug 10, 2002
    New England
    Hi Jay,

    The settings option in MRU Blaster that clears the list of recently used programs is "Windows UserAssist MRUs". Unchecking this will prevent that list from being cleared in the future. Unfortunately, the list does not immediately reappear when you stop cleaning it. It takes time, program activations and perhaps reboots before the list will repopulate itself.

    There's more on this issue in this thread: don't delete XP's start menu most used programs

    I hope that helps,
  3. kimberish

    kimberish Registered Member

    Sep 14, 2003
    I am having the same problem. Before I discovered this forum and the "Windows UserAssist MRUs" box, I cleared all the boxes one by one (making sure to hit save also), then even uninstalled the program (actually having to delete the files.) None of that fixed the problem. (I am about to download and install the program again.)

    But time, program activations, and reboots have still not fixed the problem. And I have not installed any of those tweaking programs mentioned. Any more suggestions on what to try to fix the problem?
  4. Aldridge

    Aldridge Guest

    Same here. I'm running Windows 2000. I ran MRU-Blaster only once several weeks ago and the dynamic start programs menu stopped working. Time and reboots have not helped. I'd like to restore that functionality but don't know how. Does anyone have any ideas?

    (I would also suggest that the "Windows UserAssist MRUs" be unchecked by default and be better documented.)

    Any help appreciated.
  5. Aldridge

    Aldridge Guest

    I finally got my dynamic Programs menu (where it only shows the most recently used Programs) back in W2k. I didn't change anything knowingly, so I guess it did just come back on its own with time. I'm surprised by how long it took though. I'd say it was at least a month and a half, and I'm on this computer all day every day. So perhaps it has to do with number of login/logouts or shutdown/restarts too (noticed LowWaterMark suggested this might be the case too).

    I'll reiterate that I think the Windows UserAssist MRUs checkbox should not be set by default, and there should be a little question mark button next to the Window UserAssist checkbox in the Setting dialog (like there is next to some of the other options) that would inform the user that this option wipes out your dynamic Programs menu and that it can take weeks for it to come back.

    Actually, better still would be a checkbox specifically for "Windows MRU Programs" that would be off by default and have a question mark button. And a checkbox for whatever else is currently handled by Windows UserAssist MRUs.

    Which checkbox clears the MRU Documents? Is that Windows UserAssist MRUs too? What I'd like is to be able to retain my MRU Programs, but clear my MRU Documents.

    Nice program!
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