Can't boot cloned disk from Drive Copy 10

Discussion in 'Other Paragon Disk Utilities' started by gidoro, Jul 16, 2011.

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  1. gidoro

    gidoro Registered Member

    Jul 15, 2011
    My laptop 320GB drive was failing so I decided to clone it to a larger 500GB drive.Using my Vista Desktop with both HDD as external drives, I cloned the 320GB to the 500GB. Afterwards, I installed the new 500GB HDD into the laptop and used the WinPE Recovery CD to boot. Unfortunately, I could not get the 500GB HDD to boot, even after using the tools to repair the boot files and MBR. I get a can't find bootable media message.
    The 320GB drive is still bootable, but since it had been crashing (before chkdsk /b), I did not want to run Drive Copy with it as the OS disk. A clone is a clone (or is it?), so I don't know why this hasn't worked.
    Did I miss a step or something?

  2. jonyjoe81

    jonyjoe81 Registered Member

    May 1, 2007
    I seen this problem before, with some laptops sometimes you need to do what is called a reverse clone.
    The new drive has to be installed inside the laptop, while the old drive is outside the laptop.
    This problem is due to some laptops and desktops have different drive geometry.

    below is a link to explain more thourough what occurs, this occurs with all imaging software.
  3. gidoro

    gidoro Registered Member

    Jul 15, 2011
    Thanks Jonyjoe.
    I attempted the reverse cloning procedure, but after 20 minutes it stopped and said a chkdsk was needed. I connected the disk I was copying, the 320GB laptop HDD, to my desktop and did a chkdsk /r on the os partition. There were no problems with the file system, but 4kB in bad sectors. I tried the reverse cloning process from my laptop again, and it gave an error immediately, "Incorrect dir structure -errors in dir tree. Chkdsk should be used to correct". How is that when windows just checked the file system and found no errors?
    How can I move the contents of this HDD to a newer, larger one and not copy the errors?
    I'm thinking a workaround would be to copy each partition individually and then make the disk bootable.
    I hope you have some more suggestions.

  4. Elvandil

    Elvandil Registered Member

    Feb 5, 2007
    Most cloning software has an option to ignore bad sectors. I know Acronis does, but am not sure about Paragon which I don't happen to have in service at the moment.

    Alternatively, making an image and restoring that may work, and again, there should be an option to ignore bad sectors.

    You could also try running chkdsk /b on that drive just to make certain that the sector (cluster, "bad part") is really bad and not mistagged by fluke. If it tests OK, it will be unmarked.

    I am not a frequenter of this forum and the answer may be clear to everyone else, but I really do not understand why you would boot with a PE after cloning. Just having Windows mount that drive introduces the possibility of new problems and a true clone should just boot without issue.

    Did you, in fact, do a full disk clone? You have additional possibly hidden partitions for recovery and they contain the boot sector for Windows if you got Windows with that machine. The proprietary MBR which manufacturer's use would not reflect the changes in disk geometry, either. You could remove all the recovery partitions before cloning, or try cloning to a partition of exactly the same size and expanding later. Either way, you lose access to recovery, which is really moot, anyway, if you have an image or clone.

    Just FYI:

    Free Drive Cloners/Imagers:

    Easeus Disk Copy
    O&O DiskImage Express
    FOG (a free cloning/imaging solution)
    Redo Backup & Recovery
    Terabyte CopyWipe (Can securely remove a drive's contents, or it can copy an old drive to a new one)
    Disk Wizard (reduced, free Acronis for WD drives)
    Runtime Shadow Copy
    Dr. Freeware boot CD (also has file recovery, Avast scanner, and partitioning tools)
    EASEUS Todo Backup (Partition and drive imaging)
    EASEUS Disk Copy (Partition and drive cloning)
    Farstone Driveclone Express
    Macrium Reflect
    Paragon Drive Backup Express
    G4U - Ghost For Unix (Platform-independent, floppy or CD)
    Clonezilla (Bare-metal restoration from image)
    Dubaron Diskimage
    EaseUs Disk Copy (Copies disks or partitions)
    CloneZilla GParted LiveCD (Complete partitioning and drive imaging/restoration tools)
    Drive Image XML
    Partition Saving
    PCI CloneMaxx
    copyr.dma (Copies disk with bad sectors for recovery)
    DiscWizard (For Seagate or Maxtor drives - contains reduced version of Acronis)

    Commercial Apps:

    EMC (Dantz) Retrospect
    NTI Backup Now (Image Edition)
    XXClone Pro (One of the fastest incremental backups)
    JustBoot Disk Backuper
    ASIS Backup (Bootable disk image)
    Paragon Drive Backup
    DT Utilities PC Backup Pro (formerly, Migo PC Backup)
    Easy Image
    Active@ Disk Image
    O&O DiskImage
    Acronis True Image Home
    Farstone Drive Clone (Drive image, snapshots, file/folder backups.)
    EAZ-FIX Professional and Easy Image
    Drive Snapshot
    ShadowProtect (Also online backups.)
    Keriver Image
    Avanquest Copy Commander
    Paragon Drive Backup
    R-Drive Image
    Norton Ghost
    HDClone Pro or Enterprise
    Terabyte Image for Windows
    Terabyte Image for DOS (can directly access FAT, FAT32, and NTFS partitions)
    Spotmau Disk Clone & Backup
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  5. zapjb

    zapjb Registered Member

    Nov 15, 2005
    USA still the best. But getting worse!
    Wow! What a list. I use EaseUS ToDo Backup Free.
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