Cannot disable BCD modifications when copying a hard drive

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    Sep 6, 2015
    Hi all,

    I'm trying to create a perfect 1:1 copy of Windows 10 hard disk image without changing BCD or drive letters but no matter what I do, the Hard Disk Manager (HDM) seems to be changing or at least trying to change BCD data.

    Here is what I do:
    - build a Recovery CD on Windows 7
    - boot my test machine from the Recovery CD
    - go to HDM Settings -> Backup -> Copy and backup options - uncheck the checkbox "Automatic BCD update"
    - close Settings
    - go to Copy&Migration tab and click "Connect a Virtual Disk"
    - find a VirtualBox .vdi file located on a network share and check Read-only
    - click on "Copy Hard Disk", pick the .vdi disk as the source and an empty hard drive as the target
    - apply changes.

    The disk gets copied just fine, but at the end the Progress messages say:

    I have reproduced the issue copying disks between two VirtualBox machines with the same hardware configuration.

    I tried even raw copy mode, but still after that I see the same messages about BCD updates. Why do I see those messages if I have disabled BCD updates?

    What's even worse - if I forget to set "read only" checkbox when mounting .vdi image, HDM will modify BCD configuration on the source drive (.vdi) saying
    As the result, after the copy process is complete, the source .vdi drive becomes unbootable (BSOD 0xc0000034) and I have to run HDM Boot Corrector to restore it.

    I understand that HDM tries to be smart and adjust BCD to make user experience more smooth in most scenarios, but this time it guesses terribly wrong. It's not good idea to modify the source drive when copying hard disks, especially when I have explicitly stated (by unchecking "Automatic BCD update") that I'd like HDM to leave BCD alone.

    Is there any way to truly disable changes done by HDM, so I can get 1:1 clone of my hard drive without affecting BCD or drive letter information?
  2. midix

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    Sep 6, 2015
    I asked Paragon support, and they responded with the following instructions:

    I'll try to see if it helps. It might be tricky to modify the Rescue Media ISO this way.

    Still, I think this is a bug - if there is a checkbox in UI, then it should work the way it is expected to work.