can i reset fan cpu management on xp?

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by mantra, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. mantra

    mantra Registered Member

    Jan 25, 2005
    i read that some malware change and hack the fan cpu management on xp

    the aim of these malware is make xp not stable and over load and warm up cpus

    well is there a way to reset the cpu?
    i mean is there a way to reset how xp manage the fans?

  2. Arup

    Arup Guest

    Unless you are using something like Speedfan, CPU fan management is entirely controlled by BIOS specific to the CPU, for instance in Intel, Speedstep controls CPU fan and throttling, turn that off and the CPU fan runs at full RPM.
  3. JRViejo

    JRViejo Super Moderator

    Jul 9, 2008
    While not a resetting application, perhaps SpeedFan could help and this tutorial How To: Quiet Your PC Using Free Software will show you how the software works but do heed the article's warning:
    I see that Arup mentioned the same software. :thumb:
  4. Sully

    Sully Registered Member

    Dec 23, 2005
    Speedfan is harmless as long as the little checkbox 'Automatic Speed Fan' is not checked on the main gui page.

    First thing to do with speedfan is see if there is a config that suites your particular mobo. If there are multiples, download each one and see what it is set up as. Just be aware that many peeps who post thier configs 'forget' to uncheck that auto box. Many good configs are available, and some that should not be. The good ones have properly labled fans and speeds and often have thresholds set up.

    Too, don't forget that some mobo's need to be told in the bios to NOT control certain things related to fan control. As well, in the advanced part of SF, you often need to set control of Fan X to 'software controlled' or 'manual' rather than like 'zone 2' or something. On my mobo 975xbx2, it also gives me the pwm frequency. Setting it to above 23hkz will end the audible 'clicks' that the rotor produces on pwm. Helps with led fan lights flickering too.

    A trick to figuring out your system if there is no other config available is using pcwizard and other programs that analyze your system. Using these will produce a better 'name to temperature' than SF often gives. This way you can determine which fan/speed is which. Always look in SF and see which 'chip' which fan/speed belongs to. This can also help to determine how to not only label each fan/speed but also in setting up your thresholds.

    Nice thing about SF is you can save your configs. I have a config used with 7 versions so far. If I reformat or such, I just isntall the latest version and then paste my config files and I am done.

    For me SF triggers my cpu fan based upon only 3 temps, (cpu, core0 or core1). Because the cpu temp is different from the coreX temps, I use cpu for lower temps like when idling and surfing etc. SF kicks my cpu fan down to 30%, and I monitor the temps to kick it up to 100%. Also for my 2 temp readings for the mobo and ram zones, as well as my gpu reading, my case fans are set to go down to 30% or up to 100%. My gpu is controlled from RivaTuner.

    With some patience and fine tuning, you can have your fans (the ones that can be controlled) really staying quiet, yet go up when needed. I have been watching some other forums for some circuits to build that will allow me to run all of my fans off my 2 controllable mobo headers (not including the cpu header). This way SF can turn a header up or down, and as many fans as I like can be linked to it. As I know only basic electronics, I have to wait a bit for the more advanced peeps to figure out how to protect my mobo header from any bad stuff.

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