Camptune Error While Resing The Partitions!

Discussion in 'Paragon Mac Utilities' started by wadpro, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Jan 1, 2010
    Camptune Error While Resizing The Partitions!

    I installed Win7 on my iMac by splitting whole partition 2 equal partitions with Boot Camp. TAfter that, I bought and installed Camp Tune and I resized Win7 partition successfully.

    But, yesterday when I tried to resize Win7 partition again I got an error message. When resart my iMac I realized that Win7 partition size didinf change but Mac Os partition size became smaller! ü

    I run Camp Tune again and I saw that there is a 50 GB new partition which is green color. How can add this new 50 GB partiton to Win7 parititon?

    My aim is to make Win7 partition bigger.

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