Bullzip PDF Printer (rel 10/1/2009)

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    Apr 14, 2007
    For anyone interested:


    Changes from

    * Official support for Windows 7.
    * Microsoft.NET API was introduced.
    * Ini files settings.ini, runonce.ini, global.ini, defaults.ini, and user.ini have changed location.
    * Ini files no longer have the printer name in their file name.
    * Status file now supports Unicode and UTF-8 encoding with descriptors.
    * MessageCode and MessageText added in the status file.
    * Better support for Unicode in PDF/A XMP structure.
    * Auto detect Unicode or UTF-8 encoding of ini files.
    * The use of cmd /c for starting external programs was removed to allow command lines containing & and other special chars
    * Improvement of the smarttitle macro. It now removes additional Microsoft Office extensions.
    * Australian English language was added.
    * UK English language was added.
    * Farsi language was added.
    * Other translations were updated.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.