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    Jun 28, 2009
    Version 10 launched in October 2010 and saw a revolution in our antivirus module: we introduced Behavioural Detection which has put us right at the front of the security industry with catch rates that are far superior to anything else available. For version 12 we're improving our user interface, and introducing new features:

    Parental Controll which protects your children from inappropriate content and dubious sites, limit their time on the Internet, monitor their online behaviour and help them keep their personal details to themselves.

    PC Tune up which scans your computer and detects issues which is causing it to slow down. It then fixes those issues in one click. BullGuard PC Tune Up is a continuous automated service check of your computer to make it faster, more reliable and more efficient.

    Naturally, we have also improved our general performance – both the Firewall and the Spamfilter have had an overhaul and the usability is forever being tweaked and tuned.

    Of course we'll provide you with more information on the new release and testing practices later.

    Please take your time to fill in the application below.

    After sign-up, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail, and in a few weeks you will receive an e-mail telling you whether your application has been accepted.
    More information about the application and subscription will follow in the start-up e-mail. The beta test is expected to start mid-summer and go on for 2-3 months.
    Internet Security 12 BETA

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    Removed Off Topic Post. Let's focus on the subject matter: Bullguard. Thanks!
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