[Bug report B&R 15] Wrong script path when creating schedule

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    Jan 28, 2015
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    Following are the steps to reproduce the bug :

    1. Create a script in a folder that is not the default folder (I want to keep my scripts on another partition not on C:). Let's assume the script is named Test.psl and is stored in D:\Paragon Scripts\ .

    2. Go to the Schedule tab and add that script to the Scripts panel. Test.psl is added to the pane. By the way, it should appear there automatically whatever the folder it is stored in.

    3. Right-click the script name and select Schedule script... The schedule settings windows appears but the field containing the path to the script shows "C:/Program Files/Paragon Software/Backup and Recovery 15 Home/Scripts/Test.psl" instead of "D:\Paragon Scripts\Test.psl". No Browse button there allowing to fix the error. You have to enter the correct path manually.

    Bug already submitted to support.


    Patrick Philippot