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    Apr 27, 2002
    To remove the malware, Jay Loden has made a cleaner tool:

    1) First, download the REMOVAL TOOL and simply double click it.
    http://www.jayloden.com/BlmiFix.exe direct download link

    2)If you need to manually remove the virus or want to double check the effectiveness of the removal tool, continue to the next step.

    3)Press CTRL ALT DEL (CTRL SHIFT ESC if you are on Windows 2000 or XP) to open the "task manager" in windows.

    4) Look for a process called "blengine", "ChannelUp" (if you are on 2000 or XP, it will be under the "processes" tab - not applications, and will be called blengine.exe or ChannelUp.exe)

    5) Select any of the files listed above if you have them, and then click "end task" on the task manager. This will close down the virus file from running.

    6) To manually delete the files, go to C:\Program Files\Common Files and delete the the contents of the folder called "PSD Tools" (you may be unable to delete a couple of the files, just be sure to delete at least blengine.exe and channelup.exe, and you should be able to delete the remaining files after you restart your computer.

    IMPORTANT: If you are seeing many other effects like excessive pop-ups, "adult links" and extra toolbars in your Internet Explorer, the virus has also installed other programs called spyware and adware. To remove them download and run Spybot AND Ad-Aware then update and run a full system scan with each. For help using these programs, click here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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