Browser Security Pack v4.56 [Proxomitron]

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  1. Kye-U

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    Jun 11, 2004
    Version 4.56 is Released!

    Last Updated: January 7, 2006 - 4:56 PM EST

    What's New?

    Download here!

    MD5: EC93A1D1AD29AEF4DF709D9D73B7F14D


    For those who have problems with Proxomitron after merging this set, try my standalone version.

    Download, Extract to Your Proxomitron Folder, Open Proxomitron.exe, click on Load Config, select "Kye-U.Browser.Security.Pack.v4.56.Standalone.cfg".

    (The difference in this one is that it has window settings and everything a normal config has)


    WMF-Exploit Filters only. You need both.

    Web Page Filter:

    Name = "Windows: Nullify Suspected WMF-Exploit Files [Kye-U] {JJoe}"
    Active = TRUE
    Limit = 6
    Match = "[%00-%02][%00][%09][%00][%00]([%01]|[%03])$SET(SS=1)PrxNeverMatch"
    Replace = "\k$ALERT(Suspected WMF-Exploit File Nullified on:\n\n\u\n\nProbable exploit and payload has been removed from the file.\n\nThe file is now harmless.)"
    Header Filter:

    [HTTP headers]
    In = TRUE
    Out = FALSE
    Key = "Content-Type: !!!Filter All File Types {P} [Kye-U] {JJoe} (In)"
    URL = "(^local.ptron/)$FILTER(true)"
    Match = "(*|)image/gif(*|)$SET(1=image/jpeg)|\1"
    Replace = "\1"

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