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Discussion in 'Paragon Mac Utilities' started by oreoferret, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. oreoferret

    oreoferret Registered Member

    Mar 19, 2010
    So, I used Camptune to resize my bootcamp partition (that parallels 5 also was using as a virutal machine)

    I can now boot into the Bootcamp partition just fine, but I cannot start up the VM at all.

    Any ideas?

  2. Paragon_Tommy

    Paragon_Tommy Paragon Moderator

    Aug 10, 2009
    Resizing your BootCamp shouldn't affect your parallels if I understand correctly since the parallels are running from files, not partitions. It's possible that the parallel files were corrupted during the resize. When booting up your parallels, what kind of error message or screen are you seeing now?

    To test if your parallel files were corrupted, create a new parallel machine and test that.
Thread Status:
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