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  1. scbs29

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    Aug 30, 2013
    Hello all
    Until recently I dual booted with Win XP and OpenSUSE

    The hdd are partitioned:
    Primary :
    133 GB NTFS, XP
    100 GB NTFS Storage - extended partition

    107.4 GB Ext4 OpenSUSE - 35 Gb /, 4GbSwap, 68Gb Home
    1289.7 GB NTFS Storage - extended partition

    I have found it necessary to wipe and reinstall XP
    which of course overwrote the mbr and I now no longer
    have OpenSUSE.
    I am unable to restore the mbr from within the live OpenSUSE dvd bacause I
    get the message
    Because of the partitioning, the boot loader cannot be installed properly.

    I the thought I would try the Boot Manager from within Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 12, version (27.02.12).
    The Boot Manager installed ok on the first hard disk, but on reboot I only
    had the choice of XP and uninstall Boot Manager.
    OpenSUSE on the 2nd hard disk was not picked up.

    Is this a limitation of the Boot Manager ? If so, is it likely that it will be
    addressed ?
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    Oct 26, 2013
    United States
    I am new here but I did a little parsing through some URLs. The least intrusive one I could find gives details about Dual Boot critical setup prep and MBR "fall-out". Don't know if Paragon's Boot Manager has work-around scenario for your machine unfortunate symptoms. I know it took you a decent amount of time and prepping to orchestrate the dual boot initially. Hope Paragon can avail you of some solution or utility which may assist you further. I am very new to this support site and have not taken full advantage of the Paragon Software I have purchased. I am NOT well-versed w/open SUSE or LINUX -- but i'm encouraged by others to pursue the newer versions. I remember dabbling with "Red-Hat" and "Walnut Creek" versions of LINUX long ago. LINUX has advanced greatly (especially the GUI). URL provided below: