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Discussion in 'other anti-trojan software' started by Hobnob, May 6, 2002.

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  1. Hobnob

    Hobnob Guest

    Hello to all.

    I have been testing TrojanHunter on their 30 free trial.  The 30 days is up but I haven't purchased it yet.  I liked TrojanHunter but I keep thinking about BOClean.  I like the idea of it running in the backround.  My question to any BOClean user is, do you ever miss the "scanning your hard drive on demand" function that is available with other trojan scanners?  TrojanHunter has TrojanGuard, but I still did a quick scan every day and a full scan twice a month just for peace of mind.  
  2. z7777

    z7777 Guest


    The free ants scanner is coming out in june .why not just buy >BOCLEAN and then get that one later!!!!!!!!!!!

    You will never regret buying it along with the greatest support of any product out there!
  3. Hobnob

    Hobnob Guest

    Thanks z7777.   I have decided to go with BOClean.  Thought about it this evening, decided it was the way to go.  I'll probably purchase and intall tomorrow.
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