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  1. muggs1

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    Oct 20, 2007
    i have found that spywareblaster is blocking a perfectly good and secure site named . I have found that spyware blaster has made 2 entris in the privacy section and 4 entries in the security , restricted sites section they are as follows , * , , and finally
    i have been using this site with no problems or invasions , intrusions , viruses or hijacks for some time , that is until after a spywareblaster update it is unusable until I removed all of the above entries from the sections as listed. Also i cannot seem to load Flashplayer without getting a bar coming up that says IE has blocked this Active X which is deemed unsafe click here for more info , and it has absolutely no way to shut it off so i can use an Active X I choose to. It isnt bad enough they made Vista which is pure corporate control of an operating system , But XP is hands off as far as I am concerened I have unchecked the flashplayer stopper and it still refiuuses to allow me access to what I chose to do . any answers for that? Also uninstalling spywareblaster does not change the sites it loaded
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.