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  1. FireDancer

    FireDancer Registered Member

    Jul 24, 2003
    Hi all,

    I recently posted about haveing a problem purchasing
    NOD32v2. Paul Wilders replyed to me and gave a link to sales e mail at Eset. Now I want you all to know I took this link not expecting any reply to my mail until Monday at the earliest.. as paul said it's the weekend and I might have to wait till buisness day.

    I am here to say that I am VERY Pleased and More so impressed at what I just learned about Eset and the people working hard at it there. First off on a saturday (the same day I wrote Eset) I recieved a email from larry in sales and this is what he had to say to me:

    Larry McJannet replys:
    "I Really haven't a clue about the estore except to say we do get
    complaints (this is a new one) and I am looking for an alternative."

    This first mail was a true testimate that there are people out there that truely show dedication to there craft and care about the customer. The next paragraph in the mail
    was just Astounding.. I have never before seen a company offer anything of the nature as Larry did to me.

    Larry procedes to go as far as he can to insure that I am a happy customer on a Saturday and says:

    You can mail in a check for $39 in the name of ESET, to the address
    below - email me and let me know that "the check is in the mail" and I
    will cut your license immediately!!!

    Wow I said to my self these guys really do care and have trust as well.. I can say nothing more about Eset then.. PURE DEDICATION TO THE CUSTOMER!!! These days that is very rare. I wrote him back and stated:


    Thanks for your quick responce, I am going to try again as I have found some difficultys in my system that are now taken care of, if my next attempt fails I will cut you a check and send ya a mail. I would like to try other alternitives such as my CC first so that no one gets hurt in the trans action. Such as lost mail or something really stupid like that. Jan has been very helpfull with my trial version and if something went wrong with it I would feel terrible. Let me try again and I will write back with outcome.

    I went back to the Eset site and tried again and I am happy to say that I am just waiting on my NEW license
    for my newly purchased copy of NOD32v2. I wrote larry back and gave him great thanks in his speedy reply as well as his customer service.

    I let him know that I was able to compleate the purchase with my CC and all was well.

    I want to add one last thing that should not be over looked... Eset has proved to me that they maintain a constant striving to insure that thier customers are taken care of no matter what!!! A+ in my book guys
    and a HUGE thanks to Jan, Larry and all the others that make Eset/NOD32 the #1 company it is today!! ;)

    Very best regards to all at Eset
    FireDancer :D
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