Beta (& non beta) NOD32 AMON - nvdesktopproxy.exe (high CPU use) compatibility issue

Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 v3 Beta Forum' started by Devinco, Jul 26, 2004.

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  1. Devinco

    Devinco Registered Member

    Jul 2, 2004
    Hi everyone,

    While most people won't experience this issue directly, it may help those that have similar issues and maybe it will be useful to Esset.
    On this particular system, I have a lot of software (security and otherwise), so I was fortunate that the issue appeared right after installing NOD32 (2.011 Beta or standard version) so it could be isolated quickly. It manifested as very slow, almost frozen performance on a WinXP Pro, 512MB, 1.4GHz computer.

    nvdesktopproxy.exe is a memory resident component of AT&T NaturalVoices a high quality 16bit speech synthesis voice system. After installing NOD32, whenever the computer would try to speak, the nvdesktopproxy.exe would go to a very high CPU usage 98/99% indefinately until I killed the process. Disabling AMON would solve that issue. After individually testing all the AMON settings on and off, it would still do it. Unchecking scan all files did resolve the problem, however I did not want to restrict AMON's ability in that way.
    So I added these 2 directories to the AMON exclude list:
    This seems to have resolved the issue (or at least bypassed it).
    This issue did not occur previously with NAV2003.

    Things that are notable about the AT&T nvdesktopproxy.exe:
    For normal speech operation, there need to be 2 nvdesktopproxy.exe processes running in memory.
    Each one of the nvdesktopproxy.exe uses about 73MB of RAM (Huge!!!). That is about 146MB for the 2 of them.

    So does AMON have trouble that 2 of the same process are running?
    Or does AMON have trouble with the enormous size of these processes?
    Any advice or sharing of similar issues and their resolution would be appreciated.
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