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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by the mul, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. the mul

    the mul Registered Member

    Jul 31, 2003
    This was posted on the kaspersky forum yesterday by lucian bara.

    Here is a list of changes since the release of version 357.


    40670 system avp.exe use 100 CPU after creation rule for closed application
    40559 message about invalid characters when entering the activation code
    40643 KAV reports
    40846 (from forum) BSOD win32k.sys
    40938 Polish version - enlarged interval between text strings
    41050 GUI behavior when an active license key ends and renewal rejection
    41083 Subscription activation. Causes an error code "00000000"
    41091 Incorrect message about subscription expiration
    40678 Missing help calls from the request to change settings window (see pic)
    40982 KIS 357: Message "signatures out of date" and "signatures are really out of date" are swapped
    41029 Text in the license manager window "Key with subscription" , "Merge Licenses"
    41095 Subscription. problem of time differential between local machine and astronomical
    41101 Product hangs when activating with a code with a crash afterwards
    41133 Impossible to perform activation with a code
    40957 Help: extra features + missing detailed descriptions
    41108 Activation with local key file. Message " already in use " if the product not activated
    41162 Incorrect program message upon license expiration
    41164 Final key about subscription expiration and view of the GUI window "License Information"
    41165 Installing an expired subscription key allows trial activations
    41176 Status "Detecting..." is not most logical choice
    41218 Incorrect message to the user when the license key is ending
    40993 (from forum) constant re-add of the application to a particular group
    41223 Message about "License is being installed, which is currently in use"
    40735 (from forum) msvcr80.dll crash
    36040 Relocation of place for writing memory dumps - logs for smooth RD operations
    41361 Incorrect reflected status of subscription during its life end
    41013 During activation with "subscription key" in the program remains "Buy License"
    41239 402: General Product crash
    41421 Program crashed after activation (see an attach with dump)
    41425 similar to bug 41013. link "Buy License" is incorrectly linked
    41426 Link "Buy/Renew" of the license and "Subscription Supplier"
    41228 408: Crahses in Windows Sidebar upon launch
    41303 KIS 357: Bug in helpfile
    41362 Missing error description for subscription status updating (see pic)
    41438 Crashes upon installing on Vista х64
    41461 Error upon activation when the application is reinstalled
    41464 don't respond GUI on XP64 - auto-tests
    41434 AS: Broken Outlook Plugin
    41080 compatibility: Prevx VS KIS2009
    41494 Product crashed during normal operations.
    38672 PC: The black list can add the web site that have existed in the black list.
    39934 Checking SSL traffic interfears with other applications
    40063 "Do not start scans on battery" and "Launch skipped tasls"
    40211 Alert appeared after adding iexplorer.exe to trusted applications list.
    40499 357: (from forum) Crashes in prremote.ppl under vista sp1
    41040 On the settings window of "Feedback" , the text can be deleted.
    41077 Localisation: No details available
    41123 Window "Enter Password" - buttons are not finished
    41124 Window "Enter Password" - missing a help call
    41384 408: Crashed into BSOD after updating
    41391 KIS 411: regulary stopped displaying group classification balloons
    41466 crash on vista64 - auto-tests
    41468 HELP is possible to edit
    41496 prloader.dll crashes
    41499 Crashes into BSOD when updating IDS bases
    41508 SUPPORT: system hangs upon performing a Full Scan
    41509 Some objects missed from scan when avp.exe run up max memory usage
    41553 AntiSpam: not work plugins checkbox's
    41354 408: Product crashes
    41561 417: Crashes upon first launch
    40818 Interception of Virtual Keyboard and screenshot capturing
    41721 Actication with subscription. Cant install another license
    41807 C: Virtual Keyboard input symblols allways in lower case in WEB content in IE
    41782 KIS 357 a.b.c. Avant Browser is very slow to redraw its windows
    41856 КIS 357 -typo in the skin.

    Here is the link to download beta version kis and kav. nct/

    Here is the link to the discussion thread of build 422.

  2. Macstorm

    Macstorm Registered Member

    Mar 7, 2005
    Sneffels volcano
    I assume that these testing builds are for the next MP1, right?
  3. the mul

    the mul Registered Member

    Jul 31, 2003
  4. emperordarius

    emperordarius Registered Member

    Apr 27, 2008
    Who cares
    Still using Beta keys, right?
  5. the mul

    the mul Registered Member

    Jul 31, 2003
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