"bad partition image size" on ancient backup.pbf file

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  1. Chuck H

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    Feb 9, 2016
    I have a backup file LAPTOP2G.PBF which was created about 15 years ago. The size of this file is 2.1GB. I believe it was created using Paragon Drive Backup version 5.0, as this version was installed on my Windows98 desktop of that era.

    If I try to open the archive using Backup & Recovery ver 14, I get a warning that the index needs to be reconstructed, then a failure.

    I am able to run Drive Backup 5.0 under Win98 in a VM reproducing my old desktop environment. In this environment I can run the Backup Wizard, select Restore from Image, and select the backup file. The next screen reports:

    This image was created on Mon Aug 26 11:44:49 2002
    It contains an image of partition 0 (primary 0) from hard disk 1
    Image label:

    Continuing to the next screen, I select D:, an empty, formatted partition in which to restore, and get a screen saying

    You are going to do:
    Restore partition 0 on disk 1 from image
    +Source file: C:\Laptop2g.pbf

    Clicking on Finish brings up an error pop-up "Bad partition image size!"

    I can also try to restore manually rather than using the wizard. The results are similar, but fail slightly differently. When I reach a screen titled "Autoexpand image of the partition", the text box for file size MB is pre-filled with 0. This is suspicious, because I believe the size should be approximately 2000 MB. Filling in 4000MB and clicking OK leads to another screen repeating the creation date, partition ID, and image label. Clicking OK again produces an error pop-up "Operation Denied".

    I would guess that the backup file is corrupted, but it is big enough to contain a lot of data. Is there any hope of recovering it?


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    Nov 12, 2004