Backup with a HDD and SSDR

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    If I do an image should I be doing separate ones for the HDD and then another for the SSDR

    Dell XPS 18 with a 500 gb HDD and a 32 GB SSDR.

    Or is it ok to check the box and do them together?
    Will the image restore ii I restore both together?

    Also another question. I test the boot disk I made with Paragon. It worked but I was surprised to find it did not have Paragon software under programs when I booted back to win 8.1.
    So if ever I need to I would have to boot from the boot disk and then reinstall Paragon before I could restore an Image??

  2. Robin A.

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    Feb 25, 2006
    Probably your computer uses a "SSD catching" configuration". The 32 GB SSD works as a cache, to accelerate the operation of the OS, and the disk and the SSD are operated in a RAID mode, using Intel drivers. The boot disk problem you mention may also be related to this.

    In principle you don´t have to backup the SSD cache, only the HDD. But this configuration is tricky to manage and prone to problems, I wouldn´t use it. Try to search information about how to manage it.
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