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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by coopertt, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. coopertt

    coopertt Registered Member

    Dec 6, 2006
    Can any one offer some input in reference to using FTP, backing up to an Internet FTP.

    I have 2 drives 114g in size about 50% used mostly music files. I would like to back them up to an internet FTP site (a company called CYBERLYNK provides cheap data storage via FTP).

    Has anyone had experience with using FTP to backup somewhat large amounts of data to an Internet FTP site?

    What is ACRONIS input or recommendation with there product True Image 10 Home and backing up somewhat large amounts of data to an Internet FTP site?

    Any input greatly appreciated

    Have a nice one
  2. phil.brady

    phil.brady Registered Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    Well, yes, seen it in a University context - both across the LAN at 1Gbyte/sec (successful) and across a 155Mit/sec fibre/radio regional network with a 10Mbit/sec slowest section of the network (less successful). It was Sun server architecture but the questions are the same.

    How fast is your uplink speed and how much data you want to transfer? How big are your backup files?

    Lets say 40Gbyte (320Gbits) each for full backups, say about 5% (16 Gbits) of that for incrementals. Let's also say that if you get 50% throughput due to handshaking you will be doing well.

    A USB 2 connected drive at 480Mbyte/sec or about 4 Gbit/sec will do it in a few minutes.

    At 1Gbyte LAN you are talking about 11 minutes for the full backup.

    At 100Mbit/sec upload that's about 2 hours for the full, 6 mins for the incremental.

    If you are using ADSL (upload is slower than download) then we are talking of around a week for the full, 8 hours for the incremental. If your mean time between failure is less than you will never complete it.

    Now you may say that these figures are not those that would apply to you - try your own. I think you'll still find them pessimistic.

    I had lots of salesmen trying to sell me such services for the University - not one had even considered how the heck we would have got the stuff to them!
    Sadly the data transmission costs totally outweighed anything else.

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