B&R2012Adv won't do cyclic backup schedule - but maybe this will work?

Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by VanguardLH, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Sep 10, 2007
    I think it was back in the 2010 B&R Adv (free) version that last had cyclic backup schedules. You could specify a full backup to occur, say, each week with daily differentials that were based off it. That way you didn't get a ridiculous long chain of incremental or differental backups based on a really old full backup. However, cyclic scheduling of full-diff or full-incr backups got removed.

    When I define a differential backup in B&R 2012 Adv (free), I'm asked to specify the full backup on which the differentials will be based. That full backup must already exist before I can progress through the wizard to define a differential backup.

    So I was wondering if I couldn't merely define the full backups which get periodically updated with scheduled backup jobs. That means any diffs based on the old full backup are no longer valid but new diff backups would be based on the new full backup.

    - Define 4 full backups scheduled to run on Sunday (1st Sunday, 2nd Sunday, 3rd Sunday, and 4th Sunday).
    - Define 4 differential backups, each one based off of one of the above full backups. They run on Monday to Saturday, inclusive.

    So each week, the old full backup gets replaced with a new full backup. Since the differentials are based on the full backups, the next differentials after the full backup gets redone will be based on the new full backup. The old differentials get orphaned (and I'll have to figure some cleanup for that). This way, I could have a month's worth of backups were the longest chain was just 1 week long: a full backup (that gets replaced once per month) with the differentials that are based on it.
Thread Status:
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