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    Oct 10, 2015
    I've made a scheduled Operation in Paragon B&R. So, I created a full partition backup and executed it. Now I want to schedule incremental backup daily against the full partition backup. I open the Incremental backup to VD Wizard and go all the way through, typing in the name of the file ( this is the problem ) as incremental-1, and when finished, rather than Apply, I click, send to scheduler. My task is now scheduled, however looking at the actual script that was generated, I see the name of the backup is hard coded into it as "incremental-1." The first time this schedule fires up, it will probably succeed. Any subsequent iterations will likely fail or at least corrupt the existing "incremental-1" files in the repository.

    What am I missing here. Do I need to generate a script daily that will do what I want or is there a way to have the software do this for me?

    I want daily incrementals to happen automatically and I want them all to be available on my backup drive.