Avira 9 and AT&T Wolrdnet ISP Problem ?

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by JosephB, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. JosephB

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    Jan 3, 2008
    Is anyone using Avira 9 and the AT&T Worldnet - ISP and getting the below False Postive "Guard" Alerts when accessing the AT&T Worldnet - ISP Home Page:

    Starting yesterday and continuing today, everytime I go to my ISP's Home Page (AT&T Worldnet), the Avira "Guard" is Alerting on "HTML/Crypted.Gen - HtML Virus !!!

    I get at least a half dozen alerts everytime I go to my ISP's Home Page. I can not change ISP's at this point and I hope that I don't have to uninstall Avira because of this and I can't handle all these alerts everytime I go to my ISP"s Home Page.

    .... In case this helps, I browsed the file that Avira's Guard is Alerting on for the "HTML/Crypted.Gen " and it is a xxxxx.htm file which has one 1 line in it which looks like the name of a common Ad Server that I recognize that they have always used for their ad's but it appears in this one line .htm file enclosed within the syntax of IFRAME.

    What can I do as a "workaround" to stop these Avira "Guard" Alerts so that I can get to my ISP's Home Page which I also go to get my Webmail from my ISP's Home Page o_O

    NOTE: I have updated today to the latest pgm update and latest update definition of SAS and SAS finds nothing on my PC.
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