Attorney General William P. Barr Urges American Public to Report COVID-19 Fraud

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  1. ronjor

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    Attorney General William P. Barr is urging the public to report suspected fraud schemes related to COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) by calling the National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF) hotline (1-866-720-5721) or by e-mailing the NCDF at 21 March 2020
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    "Justice Dept. brings first fraud case stemming from coronavirus crisis

    The U.S. Justice Department this weekend brought its first case of alleged fraud stemming from the coronavirus crisis, convincing a federal judge to issue a restraining order to block a website that claimed to be distributing vaccines.

    In court documents, the department alleged the operator of the website was facilitating a wire-fraud scheme, 'intentionally making false statements' about the vaccines, which do not exist.

    'The website falsely claims that the World Health Organization is giving away free vaccine kits and that individuals who visit the website can order such a kit by paying $4.95 for shipping' the Justice Department wrote...."
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